This Democrat state started offering gas cards for guns

With the average price of gas in California reaching more than $6, officials are offering an incentive to hand in their guns for gas cards. #FOXBusiness

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  1. I will never give up my fire arms

  2. New World Order still a conspiracy?

  3. Joe wants America to suffer until they're green

  4. Great now more dems will be stealing guns instead of obtaining them legally.

  5. Read years ago a city did this and all they ended up with was everyone's broken junk guns..

  6. I’m sure those guns are worth WAY more than $50

  7. Time to kick the America hating, gun grabbing, Democrat SOB's out of office

  8. I was doing pretty bad there for 6 months.
    Even went hungry some days.
    Definitely did not even consider selling my guns
    What a fukn joke!
    The fact that Biden even thinks he has a chance to get rid of fossil fuels is a joke. 😂
    What an absolute clown 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡!

  9. Those clowns in California voting democrats I don't feel for you your the stupid people vote red

  10. 8 freaking dollars a gallon California

  11. Make sure you vote Democrat. You would want to keep up these good deals. FJB

  12. Depressing, I was born in the early 90s and had to watch this state turn upside down. (All the ignorant: "why don't yall move"?) Yeah lemme poof up $200k

  13. Is there going to be pain on our electric grids for electric cars?

  14. Time to start making slam fire shotguns out of steel pipe from home Depot lol

  15. Electric make the America weak,……!

  16. I thought it was illegal to sale firearms to felons.

  17. I'll give 100$ gift cards for your guns. ^_^