Monday , April 19 2021
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‘This is a coronavirus bill’: Rep. Debbie Dingell

Rep. Debbie Dingell D-Mich., argues controversial provisions in coronavirus stimulus bill are related to COVID, including blue state bailouts, money for the humanities and Silicon Valley transit infrastructure. #FoxBusiness #MorningswithMaria

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  1. All these arts/ museums have already got their annual budget funding this is all bonus money for organizations that have been closed and not paying wages for a year…

  2. 100 million dollars to Pakistan for Genders studies…
    ItS a CoRoNa StImUluS.

  3. It's always a pleasure to see you, but move aside because I woulf like to talk to the lamp behind you, where I will probably get a more intelligent answer than from you.

  4. Excellent calling out Debbie on her and the Democrat Hypocrisy.

  5. She's bought..

    Just listen to her talk.. if you give the people the money and not to these museums and those people will come to your museum.. guess what? there's your money!!!

  6. Debbie Dingbat. These politicians get me so angry. I'd go watch fart videos for a laugh, but they remind me what foul pieces of fecal matter are in control of congress.

  7. GIVE EM HELL ! Maria ! One of the last journalists with integrity! Thanks Maria for calling out their nonsense!

  8. How much of this money actually ended up in the pockets of the Democrats

  9. California is trying to reopen because he job is on the line.

  10. This bill cannot be passed by the Republican party it is an attack again the people that need the help and the Republican party because when we don't pass the bill people will lose their help because of Pelosi

  11. No concern for the people. A subway for Silicon Valley? And museums? Government is a joke…

  12. And this devil worshiper is wearing a black dress as if she's going to a funeral or something

  13. She has lost her mind People get nothing We The People need help in getting kicked out does the The Dems are power hungry and money.

  14. Dingell the dummy dingbat democrat, part of the dictatorship regime

  15. The Democrat's are attacking the US citizens and the Republican party by putting our needs in a bill that can not be past by any sign individual

  16. Democrats' description of requiring an ID to vote: "it's threatening". 😄😄 They (and their safe places) are willing to turn everyone into feeble, weak-minded victims, just to get votes and stay in power.

  17. Well done Maria!!AMERICA FIRST.

  18. This Congresswoman's Last Name Says It All!

  19. Sorry MI. y'all made a terrible mistake with this one

  20. All lies the coved-19 pandemic was designed to collapse the economy so that can reset the the system because the fiat dollar has crashed. The bond market and yield our all lies.
    Babylon…..Sodom Gomorrah will be destroyed and on fire in the day's to come….

  21. Great Job Maria! Democrats have no response to facts, truth and common sense.

  22. we need to open everything up, take off the mask, and go to work! hell with the stupid stuff in the bill

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