This is a lawless administration: Sen. Ron Johnson

Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wi., calls out the Democrats’ response to the border crisis on ‘The Evening Edit.’

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  1. That’s not Republicans money that’s not Democrats money that’s not everybody else’s money that’s to get the peoples. Someone got to do something

  2. I said Joe should buy more steel for the build it won’t better because he’s selling it off and that’s not his money that’s our money that’s a peoples money

  3. Somebody’s got to do something or we’re gonna be over a mile or whatever they are I don’t know

  4. If the Federal Government is auctioning off the border wall material and these states want that material then why don't the states bid on the material?

    Every leader in the world, puts Their Country First, except Joe and Barry!

    Article IV Section 4 of the Constitution of the United States reads:
    “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union, a Republican Form of Government and shall protect each of them from Invasion…”

  6. And the mainstream news goes along with it.

  7. It sickening💀 this is treason , there absolutely no reasoning to stop building our Wall ,This administration is a threat to our Families and welfare of this country

  8. Made possible, on purpose, with the intention of destroying the Country! Funny, Senator Johnson I believe it’s still under Obama.

  9. This lady on here is a scumbag joke Fox get rid of her

  10. Criminal administration period.

  11. Scary saw a man with kid selling candies in subway today and when he thought someone took a picture of the kid he started threatening the person really strange told cops but train was already out the station joe bidens America NYC

  12. Thank God for the indictments flooding trumpworld. The fake weak ex-president is a repulsive moronic demon that was vomited from the bowels of hell and needs to be sent back.

  13. If illegals can vote, they will vote for whoever offers the most giveaways and people that are weak on crime.

  14. The destruction of America.

  15. Why sell off as opposed to giving to Texas….the big guy wouldn't get his 10%

  16. Where is that auction money going??? Ukraine or big guy? Straight up corruption and treason. Protect the border and the people of the U.S.

  17. Kevin McCarthy is a weak coward!

  18. Kevin McCarthy needs to be replaced with the congress lady from Missouri!

  19. Yeah lawless. That’s the reason Biden keeps getting indicted.

  20. Of course it's a lawless administration…
    You Republicans allowed this to happen by never ever holding these criminal democrats accountable…

  21. Because they want the future Democrat voters.. what part of that don't you understand???

  22. Just take the BULL by the horns and build the wall!!!! AMERICANS ARE TIRED OF ILLEGALS BEING PUT BEFORE AMERICANS!!!

  23. expel all democrats from office,they broke the OATH and should be expel,that is our weapon,the constitution

  24. DHS majorkas is the one they need to go after,that cuban dictator is destroying america,

  25. Do you know for years donald trump told people he was "Totally in favor of CHOICE!" Or as president he said,"Take the guns, then worry about the law!" What if he 

    called for the suspension of the constitution or tried to overturn a free and fair election!!  How about, if he told his supporters he was going to build a 90 ft high wall across the southern border and Mexico was going to pay for it!  But then, he never did it!  What we do know is trump had his scam university and charity fined millions of dollars and devolved before they could steal Patriotic Republicans that demand more from their leaders would NEVER support him again!!! What if he said he was going to end Obama care! But then he failed! How about he said covid 19 was going away like "Magic"! What if he KNEW the election was not stolen but lied about it to his supporters! No rational Republican would ever believe him again! If the only source of vindictivion was the person being accused. Anyone with the slightest bit of skepticism would have a hard time supporting that person! You know,  republicans question the legitimacy of everything! RIGHT?! To put it in more familiar terms, supporting someone for president under criminal indictment, "I've never seen ANYTHING like it!" As a conservative republican you would have to be pretty stupid to donate money to someone that has done all of those things! The results are easy to validate. There were millions of Republicans that voted for down ballot candidates that rejected voting for trump!

    Since trump has NEVER won a popular vote, anyone that votes for him is basically voting for Biden!

  26. Nothing on Fox News is ever true, they and their owner Rupert Murdoch built their reputation on spreading lies and falsehood all in the name of profit, remember their betral of Trump.

  27. Of course, the democrats want an open border. Where else would they get their voter base from?