This is a ‘pack of lies’ from Democrats: Kudlow #shorts

FOX Business’ Larry Kudlow discusses the Biden administration’s economic policy after they accused Republicans of wanting to get rid of Medicare and Social Security.

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  1. Democrats and rhinos lie constantly and the rest of the republicans live when it's useful. They're all liars and we keep hiring the same kind of filth. Go to Washington and manage your country. We have to wake up america and the fed and judges

  2. Republicans say they want to get rid of ssd all the time, many run on that point

  3. That's what we have with the Democrats lying to get you scared.

  4. Whoever is in the room with Joe's are the people that are running the country.chinese marionette puppet crime boss joe

  5. congress reduce executive branch to 1dollar till border is secure

  6. I don't know if president Biden is being presented with AI, he tells so many lies 🤔 he doesn't know where the truth begins or where the truth ends

  7. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, one of the leading potential challengers to Trump’s bid for the GOP presidential nomination, has previously floated privatizing social security and restructuring Medicare. As a congressman in 2014, he voted on measures that would have raised the retirement ages for both programs and cut Social Security benefits.

  8. The Republican Study Committee, a quasi in-house think tank for the House GOP conference, unveiled a 2023 budget blueprint last year that would raise the Medicare eligibility age from 65 to 67 and the Social Security eligibility age from 65 to 69.

  9. Republican Sen. Rick Scott of Florida, who led the party’s Senate campaign arm during the 2022 midterms elections. It called for sunsetting all federal programs every five years unless Congress explicitly votes to keep them going. Such a proposal could put expensive programs like Social Security and Medicare in danger of ending or shrinking.

  10. Fake Fox News.
    Wasn’t $787.5 million dollars enough for your lies?
    Obviously not because you keep putting them out there.
    But I guess it works well on your ignorant viewers that don’t know any better.
    And I guess you did get off pretty cheap after all .
    That’s only about 10 cents per blatant lie.

  11. There has to be some legal recourse to Democrat lies …… not only is it disgusting….. it is dangerous …..

  12. Biden and his crew spreading all this disinformation to American's because they know they screwed come election day . American's done with this democratic party that has lied over and over. America 2024 Trump

  13. Their fellow-fascist-DEMOCRATS in the MSM support DEMOCRAT LIES.

  14. Lies and fear are all the Democrats have to run on. Republicans may not have all the solutions for our problems, but Democrats are the cause for all our problems! Vote red!

  15. Jo Byden is a lying, worthless, pos criminal!

  16. This REGIME only says things like this REPEATEDLY for the soft brained anericans that easily believe it.
    Trouble is, waking up the moronic, easily led portion of the population.
    We're in a pickle!
    Great clip sir!

  17. Oh NO…a lying demorat…who'd o' think it!!?????!

  18. Its time for great, great grandpa Biden to retire into assisted living.

  19. Biden has run the country into the ground and he’s such an idiot thinking lying to Americans is going to work. How far does your paycheck go now ? Simple he was lying, again.

  20. If a company says such falsehoods about their competition in advertising they violate laws and can be punished severely.

  21. It's time to get rid of sleepy Joe a peach this f**** guy already

  22. Unfortunately a lot of people believe the lies. Even though Joe Biden was trying to get rid of social security for 5 yrs straight. Google it😂😂😂

  23. There is video proof of Republicans saying they want to cut or sundown (end) social security. Mike Lee, Rick Scott, Ron Johnson.

    Inflation caused by Trump's billionaire tax cut. Corporations have price gouged under the inflation cover. Dems put forth anti price gouging bill every last republican voted no.

  24. Lol Fox is the one who had to pay $787 million to Dominion for lying to its viewers. Smartmatic is coming for round two.

  25. Democrats Are MASTERS AT

  26. Keeping most of the population emotionally upset over a fabricated issue to create focus issue to divert from real world problem(s)! Criminal activity of the elitists?

  27. Biden has always been a liar.

  28. Yeah he thinks everybody else is stupid and believes the BS that he's throwing out Spirit can't wait to leave for his butt out. You are absolutely correct my friend. Biden is giving everybody a Snow Job

  29. Except all the republicans say it all the time and it's in their 2024 plan even Trump says he will eliminate it.

  30. This administration makes me sick 🤢🤢🤢🤢🖕🏻

  31. I've experimented interchanging the word democrat and liar and it works every time

  32. when he gave the state of the union address, isn't that when Marjorie Taylor Green yelled "Liar"?
    well, truth be known, that was the truth.

  33. He continues to lie about everything. All he is interested in is destroying America while enriching the bide criminal enterprise


  35. There is literally video of them saying they want to end ss. Quit lying

  36. How is he in the white house. He's already showed us how he feels about all of Us. He has to go now

  37. He's about to spend millions of dollars for housing refugee in national Parks