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'This is a pretty dangerous time to be unvaccinated': Dr. Ashish Jha | GMA

Martha Raddatz interviews Dr. Ashish Jha on “This Week.”

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Close all airports and specially banned flights from india

  2. There is no vaccination, there's shots that are harming people, other Dr.'s saying the ones that got the shot are walking germs now, we're to stay away from those that got it? Oh well. Mark them with an S.

  3. 0:20 look at this creeture. wtf iz in that picture to his left at 0:34

  4. Antivaxxers: Say no to Trumpoison

  5. Look doc unless the vaccine is approved by the FDA and it's 95% effective, I'm not getting the shot. My sister works in the front lines and just after taking the Johnson and Johnson vaccine she started getting symptoms and she was healthy.

  6. Some of the guidelines aren't clear, they're confusing; to the stupid.

  7. Oh yeah bitch …i got the dna i will never get the vaccine….thats just for all these greedy fucks to get more money….dont you get it yet…153 🐟

  8. So BORDER is open. President Kampala still refusing to visit kids in cages. New strains of covid coming to a town near you..I hope VP steps up

  9. Why is there so many dislikes 👎 in this video ?

  10. Breaking News: People who have been vaccinated are now "shedding" viral particles (most likely the spiked proteins of the coronavirus) and getting people around them sick with COVID-like symptoms. People who have been vaccinated should wear a giant red V on their shirts to identify themselves, for the safety of the general public.

  11. Promoting vaccines and CHIPS to keep a tag on them

  12. A system to prove whose vaccinated and who isn't? Tie reopening to vax rates? My vax status is my business only.

  13. Pray for India 🇮🇳 ❤️

  14. Chile had 50 percent with one shot and opened up! They are shutting down now and hospitals in trouble! Even people with shot getting hit! They have 7 new strains now! Please stay safe!

  15. In the U.S. those that won't get a shot…let them die !!! You offer life…they refuse…let them die !!!

  16. Pfizer was exposed in 2009 for marketing fraud and bribes. These are.paid of doctors holding cdc balls in there mouths. 98 percent survival rate. Narrative is sell demand sell fear. Sell vaccinated vs unvaccinated. #uck there PSY op. So obvious. End Goal is depopulation. In the next year. Event 201. Exposed

  17. There goes all the technology people that fill American job's because we don't have people in America that can fill them!

  18. Liar liars pants on fire. There is no pandemic. This is more fear propaganda. Over a billion with 2 thousand deaths is not a major nothing and not a pandemic. This is just more fear bs to get you to take the poison

  19. ILL. Citizen’s Need Food, Gov, Pushing Drug’s
    Amazon E-Book (CITIZEN’S LOOK) by DANIEL GLOSKY PLEASE READ + Defend the Children

  20. Of course, they want to scare the sheep into taking BILL GATES DEPOPULATION VACCINE. Nobody finds it the least bit suspicious that lo and behold a "vaccine" was found. It just happened to be found by the very people who keep telling us they want to depopulate us with "vaccines". #depopulatetheelites #greennewdeal #depopulationagenda21 #thegreatreset #vforvendetta

  21. Fix your focus loved ones. Whatever we allow to roll around in our thoughts & minds, directly affects what goes on in our brains & bodies. Let the redeemed say so, the rest will follow.

  22. Everyone will need to help India. If we don’t then India will cause this pandemic to last forever. I’m kinda glad China is soo brutal about controlling the pandemic. Imagine if both China and India were going through this. Even at 1% mortality it is millions of people dead. And I bet India has higher than 1% because their hospitals don’t have oxygen. It proves that the virus has a higher mortality rate than 1% but our modern medical system saved soo many lives that would have died without intervention.

  23. When did Covid become dangerous?

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