This is a problem for Gavin Newsom: Charlie Hurt

Panelists Sandra Smith and Charlie Hurt react to the DeSantis-Newsom debate on ‘Kudlow.’

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  1. My ultimate wet dream for 2024, is a Trump/DeSantis win, followed by two years of retribution and 10 years of unparalleled American growth and peace.

  2. Gavin Newsom came across as a bully

    He never changed tactics after it became clear that DeSantis couldnt defend the failures and damage conservatism has done to Society

    after DeSantis began to choke back tears somebody , perhaps Newsom himself , should have ended the one sided debate allowing DeSantis to maintIn some dignity

  3. I would love to see Trump debate Trump l!

  4. Biden is the same way. The Mega thzt he pushes because he has nothing to rub on.

  5. BIG LOSER Newsom – Than k God‼️❣️🙏🏼🇺🇸

  6. As DeSantis was going on about the Californian that was saying how bad California has gotten, Newsome looked like he was thinking, what a California jerk AND THEN he went completely still for a moment when told it was his father in law. I am almost laughing but I can't because as a Californian, I feel these effects and it is crushing.

  7. Yeah and unfortunately these morons flooded my area in Florida and it's madness now! Plese go back and/or stop coming!
    Just fyi also, if you do come here leave your blue bs behind or you will be ousted .

  8. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  9. FOX will do anything they can to discredit Gavin Newsom. But Fox is on the hook for $2.7 billion for lying. Why anyone would trust Fox News word on anything anymore is astoundingly naïve.
    Gavin wiped the floor with both of them.

  10. Imagine Newsome and Trump in this forum.

  11. Highest profile governors for completely apposite reasons; Newsome is a certifiable corrupt criminal dictator and DeSantis is the epitome of ethics and responsibility which is cancer for cowardly liberals and their anarchist leftist affiliates!

  12. I’m just so impressed at his ability to maintain that totally inappropriate idiotic grin

  13. Newsome “winning” the recall election was my last straw. After 5 generations, I sold my house In Sacramento and moved to Florida. Love it!!

  14. No it’s not!! 😂😂😂😂 Fox, the desperation is so obvious! Stop before you have to pay another $800 million AGAIN for lying!

  15. Governor Newsom dog walked Ron DeSantis. He put a collar a leash and Made DeSantis carry his own poop bag. He owned DeSantis. Made DeSantis lick the poo poo off his shoe shoe.😂

  16. Hope all the Cali demorats that moved to FL Don't vote blue.

  17. Galvin Newsome didn't even know should he smile or smirked. Looks so phony

  18. Newsom is a problem for Californians.

  19. Go back to the French laundry restaurant and stay there

  20. Newsome is just a younger version of Joe Biden. That's it!

  21. Yet California votes for Newsom.

  22. Is this girl stupid or is she acting?? Gavin has said MULTIPLE times how his father in law is conservative and how much he watches Fox News. He’s talked about his he also isn’t from California, so Gavin was NOT shocked….

  23. Everything is a problem for greasy gavan.

  24. LOL,Newsome did fantastic the other night.

  25. Ron Desantis may not be a “celebrity” type or have a charismatic personality but he can get the job done. He cares about America and the citizens and when he says he’s going to do something he does it.

  26. Once the REAL TRUTH about Newsom is released his political career will be over. DONE, CAPUT, FINI!

  27. Unfortunately the left and progressives do not listen to all sides or news outlets that tell the facts & truth. Biden, Newsom, Kamala, etc, can lie over and over and the left will believe them. So sad.

  28. Newsom once again proved he is is a total liar.