This is a ‘real threat’ to the business environment, warns law professor

Cornell University law professor William A. Jacobson joins ‘Varney & Co.’ to discuss a study showing that future business leaders are being inundated with critical race theory. #foxbusiness

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  1. It was going on in universities in the early 1980s I don’t think it was called CRT but it was designed to put white students in their place! Straight up psychological warfare abuse! The universities should be all sued if not for that but for their part in the student loan scam!

  2. No really a threat to businesses really been calling that for long while now all thanks to obamidenclinton admin what ever happened to a change of bringing back manufacturing an a change of our government an infrastructure oh they sold us out no really hows my conspiracy lefties everything I been calling is here an it's not going anywhere for lil while now great job

  3. DEI and CRT are racist constructs created by unhinged educators…and Bidens Admin so democrats

  4. I'm 74 years old and our country is doomed if we keep letting schools to teach our children to believe our country is racist. We need a president like Donald Trump to get our country back on track and I was a Democrat for 68 years.

  5. I think people are forgetting that Biden demanded that CRT be taught in schools.

  6. I've proven that I can do my job. And I said that I don't wish for YouTube to get involved with my job. The only reason that I mentioned job stuff on YouTube was because someone went against my wishes in keeping work out of YouTube and that's why I'm shutting this YouTube thing down in a harmless way. I'm tired of dealing with bad people who try to endanger others just because they're on YouTube. The police called me yesterday and said that all's well and there's no legal problems with me, which is my cue to exit this. And because YouTube started this they are to stop it now. Any further legal issues have nothing to do with me and I call on law enforcement to back off of me and pressure YouTube to keep away from me and all spellcasting and rituals are to stop being done to me also. And law enforcement is to stop harassing me too or chief of police and internal affairs will be called. DAN.

  7. You can't shame me I'm white and proud of it

  8. Well we might want to point to what happened to bud light and disney. The one reason businesses exist is to sell their merchandise. The most effective way to combat businesses running on CRT is to bankrupt them. There are some very important lessons learned in those two examples. Plus we have all had an education on what has been going on in our schools. This will drive a boom and need for schools and businesses who promote excellence and personal achievement over group thinking negative doctrines based on skin color, Putting success back in the individual .not the race of that person.

  9. 70 percent of businesses say that college degrees no longer matter, the reason why is because college students are not prepared for the work world. This is all due colleges teaching WOKE instead of teaching job skills. Don't waste your money or time going to college.

  10. The stock market is a complex system that is influenced by a variety of factors, including economic indicators, political events, and global trends. The relationship between policies and the stock market can be complex and multifaceted, and it can take time for the full effects of policies to be reflected in market trends. Therefore, it is possible that policies implemented in the past may have a "lagged effect" on the stock market, as their full impact may not be felt until later on.

  11. No, it started before ancient Egypt. The United States was supposed to be finally the remedy for humanity. It's not and hasn't been. Therefore will go the way of all fallen empires

  12. Real threat to slavery, exploitation and peonage.



  15. Well that means we will go back to 51% paying for 49% to cry and complain and sit at home and put your hand out and have your parents pay for it all.

  16. Try This Theory / What Works What Makes Money / Divided by Time.

  17. That study is biased and these people are insane…the rich propagating again..



  20. Sorry most schools are indoctrination centers not learning