This is a sham: GOP lawmaker

Missouri Republican Rep. Jason Smith reacts to Democrats passing the $739 billion spending bill on ‘Kudlow.’ #FoxBusiness #kudlow

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  1. This bill makes corrupt politicians rich this is how they assume wealth by funneling money from these bills into their back pockets period time to drain the swamp Trump 2024 and let's hope he cancels everything this corrupt politicians have done during this administration

  2. Satanic possessed is what makes up the radical socialist Demonic-rats! Thriving on 7 deadly sins!

  3. Please remember come election time, in addition to the TAX INCREASES – this is the Biden / Schumer / Manchin inflation EXPANSION bill!!

  4. "Americans have never been more divided, and we're ripe for a breakup. The bitter partisan animosities, the legislative gridlock, the growing acceptance of violence in the name of political virtue — it all invites us to think that we'd be happier were we two different countries" Professor F. H. Buckley, author of the book "American Secession".

  5. People watch your voting centers when it time, bet this money is going to pay for mules.

  6. a vote for a democrat is a vote for a trader and that is non american

  7. This bill is going to put the American people in the hole we are going to lose our house they are turning this country into HELL they are going to have more killing more STERLING YOU NAME IT THE DEMOCRATS NEEDS TO BE KICKED OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE AND PUT IN PRISON FOR LIFE

  8. Bureaucracy/ FBI/ CIA / FIA .

  9. Classified documents to whom it may concerned.

  10. And 10% for the big guy

  11. America is a crooked corrupt banana republic NOT to be trusted

    CNN puppet news should be called CIA puppet news as it is controlled by the CIA

  12. Well we are ready for November lets vote these clowns out and any bill that are just plain stupid or serve serving , Cancel in the first day in office, so Mitch McConnell wake up get it done this time no more being nice and cozy with the octogenarians who should have been dispatched long ago. TRUMP WILL COME BACK AS POTUS so get ready.

  13. No representation at the federal level. Why are we paying taxes? Horseshit!

  14. I've been subsidizing green energy for more than half of my life. Where's the energy??

  15. Another democrats money laundering scheme.

  16. Above everything else, Bide likes to spend other peoples money. The guy deserves a Nixon style impeachment. He just loves screwing over common every day citizens. Biden needs to be watched constantly. He should be in a nursing home……

  17. How much of this money will be funneled to Democrats to prop them up/fund them when they are not in power so they can continue to push their anti-American agenda?

  18. They are spending like a mad man how much money has been thrown around since this administration started all that money how much is the kick back lots of political parties are getting rich …….

  19. The Demo-Marxist party is fleecing everyday Americans. It's right out of their neo-marxist playbook.

  20. Got to find a wood stove and build that outdoor clay pizza oven. Need a new laundry line and wash tub too. Get some barrels to catch rain water and dig a well. Maybe some more solar yard lights so we can read in the evening. A victrola would be great too! Ect, ect, ect.

  21. I am going to buy an old diesel truck, I am going to convert my home heating system to coal and cut out the utility companies, just cancelled solar panels installation on my house…

  22. Good morning USA from Canada visiting my kudlow!!!

  23. Global warming is a lie it's just a ruse Larry I don't care what you've been told it's a scam