Wednesday , August 10 2022

This is deeply disturbing: West Virginia AG

West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey slams Presidents Biden’s latest effort to combat inflation, the Inflation Reduction Act, calling it ‘deeply disheartening’ on ‘Mornings with Maria.’ #foxbusiness

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  1. Why they all look like soldiers?

  2. I want my voice and my vote 🗳 I want all democrats locked 🔒 down until the republicans have voted for what they want. Time for you guys to grow up and stop acting like you are the only person on earth. You keep it up and God’s thunder is going to smack you down. I will vote for god and then he will be a king and you will be blessed to be ajackass with the skills you have.

  3. Can WE THE PEOPLE gather and SUE the Biden admin because of the true dereliction of duty towards us??

  4. Scum Manchin has been exposed. His false facade hidden under his mouth will sink us. What fool will vote for a "inflation bill, by spending?

  5. Very disappointed in Sen. Manchin. Get rid of him WV.

  6. did you notice all those coming off the bus were males of fighting age….. send them to DC and Brandon's and Drunk Nancy's homes

  7. Ok. So Manchin has went against his fellow Dems a few times…. Why not just go ahead and commit to conservative principles WV? Elect someone who isn’t a RINO OR A DEMOCRAT? Now isn’t the time to ride the fence.

  8. Manchin has completely and totally betrayed his constituents. It is now up to the voters to show him the door!

  9. Save America and fight the dictatorship government. The people are behind you. Go FREE STATES!!!!! VOTE MANCHIN OUT!!!!!

  10. Manchin's a traitor just like the rest of his party!

  11. Tax anarchists destroying our middle class! Immigration attorneys are.the scum helping defend illegal immigration. Pick up the classified ads in the all spanish publications in the US and take notice of the advertisements…all published completely in a foreign language.

  12. The Democratic party is psycho. Biden is supposed to be the adult with all the foreign policy experience and he has alienated China, Russia and N. Korea and Mexico, nice work Brandon. I hope all the morons who voted for him get their karma.

  13. One reporter said that 22 Million illegals had entered from January 1 to mid-March, 2022.

  14. Doesn't Texas have anti-human trafficking laws? Start arresting the Feds, put out a warrant on Biden, play by their rules.

  15. Tell me what the hell 78000 new IRS agents are going to do? Is another democratic president going to weaponize these agents against the citizens of the United States as we continue to move towards socialism? Also, why does the IRS need 5M rounds of ammunitions yet the president and congress want to do away with the 2nd amendment.

  16. Send these illegal immigrants to Joe Biden's Home Town ! Delaware

  17. Weird, didn't see one woman or child.


  19. wake up west virginia voters your life and your families life depends on it

  20. West Virginia is one of the poorest States, this Attorney General should be concerned about the poverty in his State.

  21. America is done, I focus on Jesus Christ Who never changes. He is the same, yesterday, today and forever. Amen!

  22. As long as Americas zombies keep voting democrat theyre going to keep getting communism…west Virginians keep voting themselves into an early grave with communism a la stooge Manchin…

  23. Ruining America by design

  24. he screwed west Virginia over again