This is how cartels are involved in the southern border crisis

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton explains why he believes the White House needs to take more action at the southern border on ‘The Evening Edit.’ #foxbusiness #theeveningedit

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  1. Fox News you are a hypocrite, you talk about immigrants and Russia a lot. But you have not mentioned your buddy trump on his stolen classified documents.

  2. Other than committing environmental suicide by denying the evidence of extinction by the year 2060 due to runaway-AGW all around it; what is the MAGA-Fascist agenda? The de@th of all the climate-refugees and illegal-war-crimes war-refugees that mass-murdering-domestic and international-terrori$t America AmurderKKKlana is creating; by closing the southern border? When Jesus Christ orders it to feed, house, and employ the refugees it has created?

  3. Provide the refugees it is creating, the homeless, and anyone making less than $15.25 an hour with accommodations in a Homeless Shelter Village [HSV] using Pallet Shelter's mobile components. $781,000 establishes a HSV for 200 people. $160 million creates 205 HSVs to house 41,000 people; within Pallet Shelter's, two person, Shelter 64. This is the perfect solution for housing teachers who cannot makes ends meet with rents so high.

  4. Enter "tiny home village" into the YouTube search window above to see hundreds all over the country which we will all need eventually due to runaway-AGW destruction of the world.

  5. Enter this video's YouTube title, which is in italics, into the "Search" window above to see the best, most perfect solution for homelessness. Which is much better than having five roommates who snore: LA's First Tiny Home Village to House Homeless | California Live | NBCLA.

  6. 1 This is just one of many reasons there are homeless people in America AmurderKKKlana. $150 million worth of federal grants to three main housing agencies working to reduce homelessness in Greater Los Angeles went unspent between 2015 and 2020, as the number of unhoused people soared!

  7. 2 Homeless Shelter Village [HSV] accommodations provides teachers who are unable to afford their rent, food, fuel, insurance, utilities, and medications; with dignified personal housing. Which will reduce the pressure on affordable housing so that all rents drop 50% across the entire country!

  8. 3 These are the component to create Homeless Shelter Villages [HSV] using Pallet Shelter's existing HSV products: the Community Room sells for $37,000, the Bathroom costs $35,000, and the Services Office costs $9,000. So for only $81,000 a city can establish a HSV. The two person Shelter 64 costs $7,000. 100 X $7,000 = $700,000. For $781,000 the city can establish a HSV for 200 residents. For $160 million a city can establish 205 HSVs to shelter 41,000 residents.

  9. Should all education be free; yes or no?

  10. Paragraph 1 of 4. Mulvaney says US 'desperate' for immigrants to boost economy: report By Rafael Bernal – February 21, 2020 This news article is from THE HILL. Acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney told a private audience Wednesday that the U.S. needs more immigrants to keep the economy growing, according to an audio recording of his remarks obtained by The Washington Post. “We are desperate — desperate — for more people,” Mulvaney said at the gathering in England. “We are running out of people to fuel the economic growth that we’ve had in our nation over the last four years

  11. Paragraph 2 of 4. Mulvaney says US 'desperate' for immigrants to boost economy: report “We need more immigrants.” Mulvaney’s comments on immigration were revealed after a separate speech in England, also first reported by the Post, where he called out Republicans for ignoring budget deficits under President Trump. “My party is very interested in deficits when there is a Democrat in the White House. The worst thing in the whole world is deficits when Barack Obama was the president. Then Donald Trump became president, and we’re a lot less interested as a party,” Mulvaney said at the Oxford Union.

  12. Paragraph 3 of 4. Mulvaney says US 'desperate' for immigrants to boost economy: report Mulvaney’s comments on immigration appear to put him at odds with other administration officials, such as White House adviser Stephen Miller, who have taken steps to cut both legal and illegal immigration. But according to the Post’s review of the recording, which was not made publicly available, Mulvaney highlighted the points-based immigration systems of countries like Canada and Australia, which Trump has praised in the past.

  13. Paragraph 4 of 4. Mulvaney says US 'desperate' for immigrants to boost economy: report Several studies have warned that the U.S. economy will require more immigrant labor to keep expanding, as many American workers drop out of the labor market due to age, automation and other factors. A paper released in August by the Migration Policy Institute said that increased immigration would likely be an overall benefit to the economy in a changing labor market, but “it can negatively affect some low-skilled workers, who have already been hard hit by technological change, globalization, and weakening labor unions.”

  14. Section one of three. Migrant Buses Compared to 1962 'Reverse Freedom Rides' of Black Families September 16, 2022 This news article is from Newsweek. As the Republican governors of Texas, Arizona and Florida send busloads and planeloads of migrants to liberal bastions in the north to protest President Joe Biden's immigration policies, some have struck a comparison with a dark and mostly forgotten chapter of American history: the Reverse Freedom Rides of 1962. Since April, governors Greg Abbott of Texas, Doug Ducey of Arizona and Ron DeSantis of Florida have collectively ordered thousands of migrants to be dropped in Democratic-led areas like Washington D.C., New York, Chicago and Martha's Vineyard. According to many of the migrants who arrived in the small Massachusetts island on Wednesday, those traveling didn't exactly know their destination—but they were promised they would get jobs and housing upon their arrival.

  15. Section 2 of 3. Migrant Buses Compared to 1962 'Reverse Freedom Rides' of Black Families That is not what awaited them in the north. While volunteers and authorities in Martha's Vineyard, Washington D.C. and New York scrambled to take care of the newly arrived migrants, officials have denounced a lack of resources and facilities to face the unexpected challenge coming from the southern states. For some, the narrative that has guided the migrants to the liberal bastions in the north sounded familiar. The Boston-based John F. Kennedy Presidential Library has drawn a parallel between the busing migrant crisis and DeSantis' program to fly planeloads of migrants outside of state lines to the Reverse Freedom Rides of 1962, when white southern segregationists tricked hundreds of Black Americans into moving north, promising them they would find jobs and housing in liberal states. "To embarrass Northern liberals and humiliate Black people, southern White Citizens Councils started their so-called 'Reverse Freedom Rides,' giving Black people one-way tickets to northern cities with false promises of jobs, housing, and better lives," the library of the 35th U.S. president tweeted on Thursday.

  16. Section 3 of 3. Migrant Buses Compared to 1962 'Reverse Freedom Rides' of Black Families The Reverse Freedom Rides were a parody of the Freedom Rides organized by the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) and the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) in the early 1960s, and were made in retaliation against northern liberals and the civil rights movement. Free one-way bus tickets were given to families who were lured into moving north with the promise of high-paid jobs and free housing. Some were even told they would meet President Kennedy. But none of that happened. Some 200 people boarded the Greyhound buses to progressive cities in the north, with the largest group—exactly 96 people—destined for Hyannis, Massachusetts—a short distance from Martha's Vineyard where some of today's migrants have been sent. Hyannis is where the Williams, one of the first families who made it to the north from Arkansas, arrived in the summer of 1962, ready to meet the Kennedys, as they were told. When they got off the bus in front of the Kennedys' home, there were cameras ready to film the arrivals of the Williams, prompted by the same Louisiana segregationist who had helped spearhead the Reverse Freedom Rides, Amis Guthridge. While the then-president wasn't there to greet the Black family, civil rights activist Margaret Moseley was there, and she told WGBH in 2019 that the event "was one of the most inhuman things I have ever seen."

  17. The "reverse freedom rides" of the climate-refugees and political-refugees that America AmurderKKKguna is creating. Are being ordered by MAGA-Fascist, racist, segregationist, Republicans Republicabortions.

  18. Seeking asylum is NOT a crime! Seeking refuge from persecution in another country is NOT a crime!! Being a migrant is NOT a crime!!! What is a crime is denying refugees the opportunity from seeking asylum in the United States.

  19. In the wake of WWII there was a colossal refugee-crisis. To deal with the refugee crisis in 1951 the United Nations signed The Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees better known as the Geneva Convention. In 1967 the US signed on to The Geneva Convention which was amended with the protocol that included protections for the climate-refugees and political-refugees that America RepubliKKKAR15s are creating.

  20. The 1967 protocol to the 1951 treaty defined the term “refugee”, established the rights of refugees, and outlined the legal obligations of the countries that grant asylum. Which were codified in the American Refugee Act of 1980. As signatory of the 1967 protocol to The Geneva Convention and its own immigration law America AmurderKKKlana is legally obligated to provide asylum to those who qualify as refugees.

  21. All of the innocent climate-refugees and political-refugees that America AmurderKKKa is creating from Venezuela, South American, and Central America sent across the country by racist Republicans Republiabortions so that they will miss their immigration hearings and be deported. Are here legally by international law! Climate-refugees are favored by God more than those infected and cursed to wear the WASP-Skin-Disease [WSD].

  22. There is no such thing as a border-crisis; there is only the climate-crisis the America Republiabortions are creating.

  23. There is no such thing as a liberal; only sane defenders of democracy that accept the science and evidence of all our extinction by the year 2060; due to the runaway-AGW that Republicans Republicrueltys are creating yet deny exits!

  24. Ron DeSatanist is the governor of Whorida that will be reclaimed by the sea due to runaway-AGW that Ron DeSatanist denies exists.

  25. The Holy Trinity orders all real-Christian-men to protect your family and our Mother the Earth. By burying an ax into the disgustingly WASP-skinned faces of all 74 million of Trumpenstein's runaway-AGW-denying monsters on sight! Amen.

  26. 1 of 2 Closing the border which it calls border security in order to k!ll the climate-refugees which America AmurderKKKlan is creating with its runaway-AGW. And the illegal-war-crimes war-refugees that Amurderguna has created since 1953; in South America and Central-America.

  27. 2 of 2 Is a continuation of Republican's RepubliKKKlan's 401 years of Democratic-voter-suppressing WASP-skinned-massacres, mass murdering domestic and international terrorist history. Of its genetically-inferior, 500 years of inbreeding-depression, lead and pesticide poisoned, corrupted "convict-colony" garbage-white-DNA country. That is a threat to all life on Earth!

  28. 1 of 2 How does it define border security? Is it sadistic, MAGA-Fascist, N@zi, racist, Qu Qlux Qlan, typical Republican Republicruelty closing of the border? To let the climate-refugees and political-refugees that its mass murdering domestic and international terrorist country America AmurderKaKaKa in creating die?

  29. 2 of 2 By preventing the refugees that America Amurderguna is creating from seeking asylum from the environmental and political chaos America AmurderKKKlana is creating in South America, Central America, and all over the world?

  30. The Canadian government sends out the army to help out with storm relief in this country 🇨🇦😋👍 and in the USA you can't even get your army to show up to stop an invasion 🇺🇸🥺🖕and you guys are paying for this with your tax dollars what a bunch of idiots 😂🤪👈

  31. Sheriff Salazar is a political fake.

  32. The Mexican cartel is paying Joe and hunter for letting them smuggle illegals and drugs across the border remember 10% for the big guy and they should stock the Rio grande with a million alligators and anacondas from Florida let's go Brandon

  33. I live in Arizona and just yesterday a DPS officer pulled over to guys in a car with $1 million fentanyl pills and other stuff. Fentanyl will be in your town in no time.