Wednesday , August 10 2022

This is insane: David Asman

‘Fox Business Tonight’ host David Asman discusses how the new spending bill Joe Manchin voted for will benefit the IRS massively.

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  1. Why's pelosi president all of a sudden?

  2. The United States is not a democracy it's a republic and you people have never read the constitution or declaration now I'm sick of hearing that

  3. Any higher tax will cause inflation to skyrocket. All extra taxes are added to cost in stores .

  4. Supposed to be a democracy is the right phrase

  5. The Democrapic Party are masters of disaster, just look at their actions. Every Democrap is your mortal enemy.

  6. Perhaps the new agents will go after the multi-trillion dollar underground economy? How many well-off live better than we who pay taxes on all our income, simply because they have unreported income. Eliminate that unfairness!

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  9. Get ready for war! Thank Nancy Pelosi! Empty your bank account!

  10. LNG will be 3 dollars next week // LNG will be 3 dollars next week

  11. They are weaponizing the IRS trying to make us submit for everybody I'm retired don't make any money they need to give me more money I am not going to go back to work with this b***** going on I will just draw the money that I put back for retirement not make enough to pay taxes but just make enough for them to have to pay me some money to get by

  12. 80 billion for the IRS makes head explode!!!!!

  13. They better tax the illegals.

  14. Hey Manchin, Blink twice if you Need Help!
    (( I believe their holding him hostage/ with more than one pipe line….))


  16. I voted for Trump (twice). Fk yall.

  17. Good vid , the Demorats are the average Joe andJosy's worst enemy , they really are stupid.

  18. LMFAO they are gonna give the IRS more money!? Expect a lot of minecrafted IRS agents.

  19. You know Joe Mancin got paid off. The IRS is about to be armed fully!

  20. We don't need more IRS agents because they will attack the American people who make less than 200 thousand . The wealthy will have more money added to their millions and not be attacked by the IRS. This administration and those who are against our country and citizens want to distroy the American people. Wg1wgal 🇺🇲🇺🇲 USA 🇺🇲 stand up for America 🇺🇲 one nation under God 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  21. The lunatics continue to run the asylum.

  22. I still say, spend the money on 87 thousand new police officers across the nation.

  23. Just pay your taxes and there isn't a problem . That simple . I work with a lot of small business and many do underreport profits.

  24. Defund and abolish the IRS

  25. Its all going to plan

  26. Manchin is a trader of the people. He pretend to be caring for the people until he a got a paycheck he wanted !

  27. Modern monetary theory is insane. Government printing money is the one and main reason for inflation.

  28. the insane are running the asylum


  30. Creation of a national police force with more power than the police or FBI.


  32. I think the pandemic has taught people the importance of multiple streams of income unfortunately having a job doesn’t mean security. Great video. Thanks for sharing

  33. The democrats are trying to build an army. They are also buying up ammo.

  34. Well I don't they catch all the drug dealers who are tax evaders that come back and forth across our border there has to be a little over 10 billion dollars right there

  35. Should not have to prove your innocence.

  36. You are not wrong. This is insane.

  37. By definition the IRS is a theft based organization.

  38. so u mean manchin didn't even write into the bill the NEW IRS agents could only audit or process tax returns for individuals or businesses making over 500K/yr?

  39. Wrong United States is not a democracy….

  40. Mansion was corrupted, plain and simple!!! What a disgraceful act by this man??

  41. It's time to start taking the fight to these agencies and burning them to the ground, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, We will not tolerate this!!!!! God bless this country and true patriots, the time has come.

  42. Manchin in sheeps clothing. / ANGEL O' LIGHT !!!!!. DONE !!!!

  43. So you and I get to pay higher taxes for audits of you and I.

  44. Well said. Love it and share it.