This is part of China’s ‘comprehensive plan’ to weaken the US: Expert

Gatestone Institute senior fellow Gordon Chang unpacks the latest developments in the China threat. #foxbusiness

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  1. They will still get in through the open borders 🤬

  2. The threats are not from China, but from the incompetent of the Biden's Administration.

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  5. Hey US, you don't hit somebody then give them a piece of candy. That's not how it works..

    If the US can't quit trying to contain China, then China will contain the US in the future. Do not forget that for most of humanity's existence, China was the most powerful and advanced nation in the world.

  6. So, Shu Chau is the boss of Xi, Jin Ping in reality

  7. I totally agree, look what happened last time, don't trust China again. Matter of fact don't buy anything from China again.

  8. China thinks they can take the U.S. We built and financed your culture. 🇨🇳🦅

  9. Can US focus more domestically??

  10. It always China's fault 😅…Why these American Politicians accept that China have the right to be "GREAT " and just make friends with Chinese 😮

  11. Many people forget that China is a Communist country? That means they come first and the west should fear and agree with what they say and do? DO NOT TRY TO ADJUST YOUR SET, WE ARE IN COMPLETE CONTROL. YOU MUST COMPLY.

  12. And the media doesn’t even mentioned that it is us who fund Wuhan lab 😂 who knows it was us who released it but karma strike back on us

  13. It's not like it matters with our border letting sieving Chinese military aged men …..gitmo

  14. Thanks for being a sage in the storm.

  15. Try – Close – Border. No too late, they're here. Still coming – to claim their new lands.

  16. with mr. biden and the dem party leader-
    ship doing their best to take this nation and
    people down, why worry about the threat that
    is china? trust and serve god for life eternal.

  17. why are u so hate China?😂I kind of don't understand that? why we can't work together?😢So sad u guys doing these new. China love peace and just don't fight. My English is limited my expression,but I think you guys know what I want to say.And stop insulting my government, they do their best to make us life more better,they did a lot of good job!