This is ‘the most expensive’ election runoff ‘in history’: Mark Penn

Fox News contributor and former Clinton adviser Mark Penn argues Democrats may have the monetary advantage in Georgia, and looks ahead to the 2024 presidential election. #FOXBusiness

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  1. So according to this dumb broad, you’re too young to vote at 16 but old enough to carry a child to term. This is why you continue to lose elections. Completely out of touch with common sense.

  2. I suppose it does cost a lot of maga bucks to steal and rig an American election by the democrats against the republicans, Maga is financing there own demise with there tax dollars.

  3. Mail ballot is a fraud window oportunity

  4. Hopefully, the voters in Georgia will finally realize that they need to get rid of this ridiculous runoff system.

  5. Buying votes and elections with $. The Capitalist owned American Government way. Buy your party, buy your regulations, send those lobbiest in with pockets of cash

  6. Ignorance of the Masses is alive and well in GEORGIA again.

  7. yes and u lost lol hahahahahaha

  8. Give mine to illegals. That’s right, I had to wait for my S.S. They are most important than I.

  9. Walker was winning when I went to bed. Again the fake ballots come in over night and they recount the ballots in the suitcases and the Democrat wins…does anyone believe these elections are legit anymore???? We either need the Republicans to fix this, we need a two State Solution and we need to get away from these Communists or there will be a civil war!!!

  10. There should a set amount of campaign money for each candidate and that’s it! This money should be in a special bank account locked from any independent donors. The candidates would have to spend their campaign funds wisely. Imagine the hundreds of millions used for good instead of throwing it in the trash!

  11. You can't win with democrats counting the votes.

  12. Fake Rev wins. Evil wins.

  13. Georgia has gone communist so good bye Georgia. You'll get what you voted for. There is no such thing as a free lunch or a democrat Bennie.

  14. They bought and paid for this Communist Bazzzzzzdard
    He did not win they cheated (early mail in voting)

  15. Warnock Is A Devil … That Talks Like …
    A Christian …

    A Devil By Any Other Name Is Still A Devil 😈

  16. Follow the money !!!
    The dollar return at the TOP of the hill must be absolutly MASSIVE !!!
    Not good for the working, freedom loving little guy.

  17. come on goergia vote walker

  18. Everybody knows those mailing ballots are harvested that's why Democrats have such an easy time with them those aren't actual people voting they never did clean up the voter rolls

  19. If the American can't see the difference between the two candidates we deserve what ever we get.

  20. the GOP has their annual Civil War re-enactment where the South wins. They orginally had Tim Scott, Justice Thomas and Kanye to play the role of happy slaves…but Kanye doesn't believe slavery happened and yet,,,,,, they NEED 3 happy slaves……….so you can see why it's so important to Republicans that Walker wins this runoff!!!!

  21. Warlock won Georgia is stuck with him

  22. ❤️🌹😋😘🇺🇸👍🇺🇸

  23. Just LOOK at the guy Republicans are spending all this money on. Fox and the GQP don't understand that voters and historians are paying attention to the depravity on the right.

  24. Money advantage fake mail in ballots ballot harvesting boom bam thankyou mam 😂 I love Georgia please prove to America your not dumb people

  25. Just imagine if they used Instant Runoff Voting. It would be even more expensive.

  26. Republicans definitely will
    Not win it’s just the way it is stacked against them

  27. The polls close for the Conservatives, that is, at seven.


  29. Mail in system means cheating

  30. HAHAHA! Looks like Herschel just pulled ahead! Cry, lefties! Cry cry cry! Maybe you should have spent (wasred) more than 52 million….

  31. How can people vote for Walker is beyond my comprehension even I know the other guy is bad too but my god

  32. So the choice is a Biden lapdog or a republican lackey. Now I'm not gonna say Walker is a better choice but when the opt has helped sent this nation into the ground, and all the damage the dems have caused, why not change it up.

    Guess leftoids love punishment. If Fetterthing can get elected, Walker has no hope.

  33. If the democratic nominee got FTX money for his campaign, he needs to disqualified

  34. I have a feeling this is going to be other rig election. Money talks and so does waiting for mail in votes for 3 days . While I hear they have the armed black Panthers once again outside election headquarters m

  35. When you have so much money flowing into campaigns you know that something's wrong.

  36. This doesn't make sense Why did Georgians Vote for Republican governor And yet Warnock is winning

  37. Dems have 51 Senate seats.

  38. Bidion will be inpeached for his involvement with dark money it's written on the wall

  39. I don't trust mail in votes dems are good at cheating it's happend in Arizona to many machines brake down it's a lieing joke on the Arizona people

  40. Democrats throwing some more of that stolen money.

  41. who was watching ARIZONA. in what world do wolfs guard the hen house ?