Thursday , January 20 2022
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This is what happens when you open the border: Wolf

Former acting DHS secretary discusses the president’s immigration agenda on ‘FOX Business Tonight.’ #FoxBusiness
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  1. We should send the illegals to DC and Bidens house he wants them so badly

  2. Does anybody believe this isn't being done on purpose? This is treason. Biden that the WE'RE ELECTED, WE ELECTED DONALD J TRUMP!!!

  3. Soon bliden will blame Trump for pooping his diaper…lol

  4. You can't make this up.
    Imagine being the President/VP & judt completely ignoring this all together.
    Bring back Trump.

  5. Put a mine field along the border. Warn them to stay out.if they get blown up, it is on them. Leave the bodies lay


  7. Kamala is a liar. They flipped a switch and broke it when it wasn't broken.
    Mayorkas is another criminal liar.
    He really thinks we are stupid and can't see with our eyes.

  8. Sounds like she is just making excuses to me🤔🤔

  9. This is going the way they want it to go. It is the way they planned it to go. They want to bring this country down.

  10. All employers, all landlords! Do not employ or rent to ANY illegal! No money, no shelter, they will go home!

  11. All Kamala knows is how to "be with" (Willie Brown) the person who got her into an office, but now Sleepy Joe is too demented and old for that stuff, she doesn't know how to do anything else.

  12. That lady keeps trying to blame trump so sad and sickening they have destroyed everything

  13. The longer the enemies of the state can leave the border open the more voting support the enemy gets. There is no other reasonable conclusion. If you disagree then please explain.

  14. This government is so full of lies , excuses and refusal to take responsibility for running this country properly . How much longer do we have to wait for people to wake up ?! They probably all took the jab and are catatonic ! This is beyond unbelievable.

  15. soon be chaos as our leaders and elite hide in their fortresses with armed security.. as their laws rip this country apart. they could care less about you.. only what lines their pockets.

    Leaving the border open allows a new loyal voter base and group of citizens to TAX. The illegals coming in will swear their allegiance to the democratic party for allowing them in. They will flood the city's with high Republican voter base with illegals to swing the vote. They don't have to be competent.. they just need a larger voter base.. lol


  16. Harris is an idiot. She is part of the worst administration in history.

  17. This administration takes no blame for anything

  18. General public should start running them off
    when they figure out were not friendly They stop.

  19. Harris is about as clueless as a gopher!!!!

  20. Their values are the destruction of America for some reason they hate America and the American people.

  21. They arent foolimg anyone anymore… The time is short for them. They dont care

  22. That's not true. How would you like it if we gave out your address to these people and told them you would give them a place to stay, free food, and free medical. Keep your doors open.

  23. Liar liar pants on fire. They really think we’re stupid. We have eyes imbeciles. They immediately started heading, to the border, because of Biden’s speeches. They wear shirts that say it and tell the reporters, they’re coming because of Biden.

  24. How the hell was building a wall breaking the protect our border security? If you believe the border is safer now then it was in the last administration then you listen to stupid MSM that wants you to follow them. Sheep shouldn’t be allowed to vote or have a say.

  25. Biden and Harris did this they need to tell the truth

  26. All Democrats are communist they’re destroying America and the Republicans is not standing up against them and doing their job they need to be impeached in the clown John Biden and Kamala Harris stop voting for these Democrat communist Bills

  27. I am from Brazil, but I have been watching with deep concern how America has been mortally wounded by the leaders of the Democratic Party.

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