Friday , September 24 2021
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This is why some Republicans voted against the infrastructure deal

Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst explains she voted against the bipartisan infrastructure deal claiming Democrats have not presented the legislation in its entirety. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Must have to do with the chip or something huh

  2. What the heck is a human infrastructure bill come on people Wake up people

  3. Trump had an infrastructure bill…why the GOP voted it down? America needs infrastructure!

  4. The largest of $266,000,000,000 going to "Other Infrastructure". Gee, I wonder what those can be?

  5. Typical of GOP. speak from both sides of her mouth.

  6. The Dems are gonna pass their $4T boondoggle anyway. The only reason why Repub's voted yes now is to have something to say on the campaign trail

  7. Human infrastructure? You mean the come on man spend your tax dollars to take care of our emigrating Democratic voters. Yeah that's the only use y'all have give us your money shut up and like it. Because we will call you a bigot if you don't. Ha! Eat cake commies.

  8. I’m about god, therefore I wear makeup, got a nose job and dye my hair. Lol

  9. Massive spending to hide $$$ going to their greedy pockets


  11. Wait until after the 2022 election !!!!!!!!!!! It is the only way to get the " pork " out of the bill.

  12. Trillions to bail out banks that scammed us but no money to rebuild our infrastructure, they only vote for the corporate donors.

  13. We the people support Joni on her wise approach to the budget. Thank You.

  14. Crazy those 17 rinos voted for this bill. Boot them out.

  15. Where is the (-)100 Billion to defund the government! Thieves in Washington. "We The People" help the politicians and their corrupt friends get rich! We have had enough! BTW Nancy Pelosi, I am not wearing a mask anymore! Come and get me you steaming pile of feces!

  16. Republicans need to understand that money really does grow on trees. There are vast acres of money trees on government lands

  17. let me guess, it has nothing to do with structure.

  18. Heard the gun control nuts are trying to slip their red flag ideas in this "package," under CDC and NIH. They are trying everything they can to take legal guns and ignoring the ones that do the damage!

  19. we should no be expending any tax payers money, we should be cutting back, and no more illegals welfare.

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