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This is why we love Test cricket: Langer

Australia coach Justin Langer reflected on Steve Smith’s brave performance, rued missed chances in the field, and looked ahead to the finale of the second Test


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  1. Justin langer is such a thougtful coach just the way he speaks and carries himself shows that he might become greatest coach of all time.

  2. How is steve Smith right now…..we want his news every hour ….pls update us otherwise i will unsubscribe your channel

  3. The English commentators are having themselves on. Talk about wishful thinking! Change of momentum my foot. Aussies need only one more win. And they have had just about every bad call by the umpires so far. Can’t wait for Stark and Pattinson to bowl at Archer 🙂

  4. I think Archer should now be afraid to bowl to Smith…… He is going to F**K Archer the next time they play…..

  5. Slowly Bowlers are disclosing Smith's weakness and Technical flaws.

  6. Justin sure loves camera! wheres Paine??

  7. Hate the Aussies . But langer is a top bloke . Ten times the block Lehman was .

  8. There is real steel in JL’s eyes. His measured tone. His thoughtfulness. His focus. This is the coach to take the Aussies back to the top.

  9. Please make neck grill compulsory , we were lucky Smith is fine.

  10. I was very heart breaking to watch when yesterday smith fallen in the ground by archer's bouncer,thankfully he is fine..such a great fighter he is.

  11. if jhonson was in this team. Then english batsmen would pray rain to come.

  12. That's how a coach should be!
    That's how Gary Kirsten carried himself.

  13. Great player didn’t deserve to get injured. Hopefully he can continue to do what he does best

  14. If you look at Archer he's almost always smiling. Not sure he was being inhumane, it's just his default state. He was probably more embarrassed & uncomfortable than anything else. People react to the same situation in different ways.

  15. Take starc.cummins.pattinson for next test match

  16. Who are missed Mitchell johnson? England lucky

  17. Archer bowled brilliantly. But I thought it was a terrible reflection of him as a person to be laughing away as Smith was brutally hit.

  18. This type of coach we need in Indian team but we cursed with shashtri 😁

  19. that was a nasty hit to the neck lucky smith came out of it with no damage or severe injury – jofra archer no humanity laughing when a sports man is injured from a nasty delivery its a disgrace , he does not belong in a gentlemens game

  20. Langer I think will eventually go down as one of the greatest Australian coaches ever. Speaks so clearly and decisively with great passion for the team and the game.

  21. Hope India had a coach like this gentle man

  22. Steve Smith is a legend. Feeling sad he missed out century. Nevertheless he got out his team from trouble.👏👏👏👏👏👏👏#ChampionSmith.

  23. I just want Mitchell Starc to smack the head off of the poms in the next match… Filthy archer was smiling after he hit smith with his bouncer, didn't even go to check on him… For God's sake, they both are teammates in Rajasthan Royals

  24. 8:40 is that why Smith left that delivery, because he couldnt play format defensive stroke because of the pain? 🤔

  25. Langer is pure class, I’m a kiwi and he makes it worrying as he will keep Aussie grounded and then get to work getting them to no 1 again, I think JL is a top bloke

  26. no one wants to see a chap get bopped on the neck like that for sport, it was horrible and surly his neck and arm will be throbbing tomorrow. Its just a game, I am English and wanted Archer to get him out but not like that.

  27. Smith from now onwards would be afraid of facing archer.

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