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‘This isn’t an economy election, it's a COVID election’: Rep. Dingell

Rep. Debbie Dingell, D-Mich., talks to FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo about a coronavirus stimulus deal, the state of the 2020 election and mail-in voting. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Why were no epidemiologists consulted for the epidemic??

  2. Vote this woman out already ☺️

  3. Answer the question don't go off to the PO nothing to do with the question. VOTE IN PERSON or Absentee

  4. post office is wealthfare, i got the laziest angry rude people bringing nothing but junk mail, shipping stuff getting lost, i pay everythingonline, i would get ri of it, use tha money for the wall

  5. This is a take down Biden Obama comey Clinton and half the FBI CIA AND MORE that what this election is about get law an order back on track

  6. Dingle you would say that, you can not debate the Economy it's never been any better.

  7. "We have to make sure people are treated equally" Yeah go ask Lightfoot

  8. I got ballot request with the name of people that was never live here. This show how dangerous the mail-in voting is

  9. They should amend the stimulus with a repeal of the Hughes Amendment from the 1986 FOPA. Open up the registry and never touch it again.

  10. Congress is almost all corrupt!

  11. They are not wanting to send all of us money

  12. We all need that ,1'200 for SSI

  13. We SSI need our $1'200 and people with kids and people looseing there homes and they talking about cutting our SSI for $1'200

  14. I do believe you mean well Debbie I just don't think you're the one that can really help be honest just be honest

  15. This is one of the most evil demon witches that I have ever seen the Democratic party has gone full-blown demon they're nothing but demons now and every time that get on TV that's exactly what you see is demons lying conniving cheating feeding demons that's what they are now anybody that doesn't see that is a fool

  16. Savage love the reporter : D

  17. I like how the congress can take so long giving our money back.

  18. Sorry but Joe won't handle this virus.

  19. Not at the price Pelosi keeps shoving crap in the bill that woman is a bald face liar everyone I know on social security have direct deposit And we can vote safely at voting booths the democrats want mail in voting so they can illegally put no brain Joe and flat on her back harris in the white house they seem to forget who pays there salary and it time to vote out the rubbish.

  20. Wrong again Fox news trump 2020 all the way

  21. DINGELL is a dingbat. my mail has not been disturbed & I have direct deposit. You can vote by mail by getting an absentee Ballot. You don’t just send ballots out to all addresses that anyone can send in.

  22. Debbie Dingell, has a whole lot of half truth. She needs to go away because shes part of the problem. I walked away when I learned of the dirty corruption and down right lies the Democrats base their party on.

  23. Debbie is an idiot 🤦‍♀️

  24. Open schools 5 days a week dude woman. Crises 🤔

  25. I not sure what women she is talking to. Smart women want a better economy and know COVID is overplayed.

  26. Nancy pelosi is punishing the whole country because she can't get her way and we need the second stimulus check she thinks this will hurt trump it will not it will completely finish destroying a demo Communist partypeople walk away from a party that has done nothing to help your life or improve our country and our lives

  27. she is lying the postal Services holding onto 25 billion dollars right now they are not in trouble they do not want to be overwhelmed with millions of mail-in ballots

  28. It's a fact that mail-in votes are harvested I live in the State of Florida and look what happened in Broward County and other counties if it happens here in Florida 💪 add happens in other states also mail-in ballots and absentee ballots are not the same

  29. I am proud to be a Latina for Trump God bless our President Donald j Trump RIP Robert Trump our prayers are with you mr. President during your loss 🙏💔😥

  30. I'm a little Tina and I love my President Donald Trump the demo come in as want to keep us divided but it shall not happen if they tried to steal this election we will have a civil war on our hands because we will have lawlessness in all of America vote stand in line and vote Maga 2020 Wwgowga

  31. Without msm covering for democrats theyd be in real trouble

  32. Fake news Debbie Dingell you said seniors are calling you crying about not getting their social security check. Fake news! Post office hasn’t delivered SSI checks since 2013.

  33. ..0006% OF POPULATION. .0006%

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