Saturday , July 24 2021
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This Law Makes It Easier Than Ever To Destroy Someone's Life With The Internet | Think | NBC News

Lawyer Carrie Goldberg believes that we’re all just one person away from having our lives ruined. It’s a consequence of the internet and a law that dates back to 1996, says Goldberg, who runs a law firm for victims of sexual abuse and harassment online. Her book, “Nobody’s Victim: Fighting Psychos, Stalkers, Pervs, and Trolls” published in August.
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This Law Makes It Easier Than Ever To Destroy Someone’s Life With The Internet | Think | NBC News


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  1. If we don't get rid of those in Congress and the Presidency that have been removing our rights and handing them to the billionaires pulling their strings, we are going to find ourselves without any rights. The GOP has been systematically removing our rights and practicing for a Constitutional Convention to change our Constitution for themselves. Privatize our country into their pockets and take away our rights to even protest or vote for Congress. The GOP voted to give all content on the internet to our ISP's including our SSI and medical. They are installing the same laws as before 2008 and removing anything that would hold them accountable. They're helping fake Conservative billionaires brainwash constituents and funnel taxpayer dollars. They orchestrated the Wealth Gap.

  2. Facebook
    sells/ owns every picture / video you upload .
    Point it..dont upolad pics or videos .
    You might regret later.
    Facebook should say "at your own risk"

  3. Trump made trolling great again.
    BE BEST.

  4. This is why so many people believe that laws were created buy men solely 4 man.


  6. The two men that this lady is talking about is what the fallen angels have been doing to everyone on the internet.

    These are the facts and the Truth.

  7. Why not have to where every person can only have one account on every app like where you need identity to make the profile

  8. ….. Dating in the digital age is extreme … it truly sounds like a bad breakup!

    Not sure why going after the tech company, it must be the deeper pockets, im just guessing.

    Unbelievable! , 1200 Mens looking for Matthew ?!?!! , he must be an amazing waitress… 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    This is funny 😄!!!

  9. Grindr is owned by a Chinese investor group.

  10. That ex bf is a devil.

    I hope matthew is living peacefully now

  11. Sorry liberals, you are not taking my AR-15 or my 2ND Amendment!

  12. EPIC HIPPA BREACH along with years of ID theft since 1978(not exaggerating no reason to lie) Straight out of high school I was in debt, worked so hard, raised a son, missed out on a lot of family time bc need for overtime etc, filed 2005-2006 just to buy a home

  13. Thank you for spotlighting this law that places every internet user in harms way! Stand up for your right ts or loose them.

  14. LOL LOOSERS dating with apps. NO SOCIAL SKILLS? lol

  15. None of this would have ever happened had he not been a Peter puffer to begin with ! 👇😁👍

  16. Nothing like telling people how to do it! Take the video down until the case is finalized…the SCOTUS does NOT respond to public outrage. If they say no, THEN publicize it to Congress!

  17. Only for angry American feminists, butch lesbians and ultra liberal feminists that hate men. Unfortunately, this culture is being exported globally in academia. Anger and thirst for revenge only eats away at the person.

  18. Isnt that part of their agenda?

  19. Yeah 770 views in 3 hours, your credibility is completely gone… well done lads

  20. Awwwww, i hope he doesn't commit suicide.😀

  21. No one destroys more lives than the US government. From FDA to CIA from sea to shining sea.

  22. Every one is so rude in 2019 🤡🤡🤡🤡

  23. Show up at their doorstep with a gun and they will stop bothering you. (No im not saying shoot them , make them know your nobodys easy target)

  24. Does this apply to online banking being hacked and monitored? Let's say if someone was logging into someone's account monitoring it for about year the person sees this unknown device on their account reports it then a week later the person's child gets threatened at school with a knife? This is a true story of someone who is dealing with this situation and getting little help from the police or the bank.

  25. They should never have immunity. Platforms for politicians and until that changes there will be no liability.

  26. I've had cybertroll issues…then the psychopaths tried to flip the situation like I'm the problem…

  27. Suit mark suckinburger, he's the one Responsible, Time to change the 1% er's law.

  28. Well. Protect yourself !l! Beware your being 🔎 Spyed 🔍 on !!!
    Avoided Scamers. !!!

  29. Welcome to the residential contractors world where everyone feels the world owes them and I am the guy to pay up.

  30. The problem seems to be with the degenerate ex, why didn't he sue him?

  31. I 100% agree ..what is happening to good common sense

  32. Funny, when I was a kid I learnt "sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.". My generation in the 80s and 90s were never bothered by any words on a screen. Now words on a screen can sexually assault you, bully you and "destroy" you. To me, this is about kids being wrapped up in cotton wool having no self-esteem so now being affected where previous generations weren't.

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