Thursday , January 21 2021
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This ‘liability shield’ big tech CEOs enjoy is under attack from Dems, GOP: Sen. Wicker

Sen. Roger Wicker, R-Miss., talks to FOX Business’ Liz Claman about the upcoming big tech CEO hearing. #FoxBusiness

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  1. If Sect. 230 is not taken away from big tech, there will be no change in their actions!

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  3. It doesn't matter to me that mine fell asleep. They took care of me and I watched their work and with that only I take my claim. I bring upon you an appreciative word that kept me when I had to keep myself. For them I keep Jesus and for all I bring Jesus.

  4. The founding fathers believed in white supremacy. Should their writings be censored as hate speech and inciting violence?

  5. Just like the Nazis
    Time to get firm with these ppl. If you don't your just wasting your time and our money.
    Take off the Kidd gloves !!
    They have been before the Senate already . Nothing has changed . THEY have continued the same way . you can't be gentle with these people , doesn't this prove that . THEY are laughing at you.

  6. Stupid idea to take the liability shield away, it will be worse than before. They need to be broken up, with more options to check out.

  7. Twitter, Facebook  and  Google  went against every American,  When they  blocked information on the Biden's / Ukraine and China,  to  influenced the Presidential election,  they should loose everything, oh and by the way throw in the main stream media for lying and with holding information for  Democratic's, they are  all a disgrace and a threat to the United States of America

  8. Tech bigshots need to be in PRISON!

  9. It would have been so much smarter of these big techies just to let conservatives do their thing & let voters make up their own minds. But i guess that was just too simple for big tech to comprehend.

  10. Maybe there is one, but there needs to be a status given to publishers of news, and when they want to post something the sites protected by 230 cant stop them.

  11. socialist,is communist, Obamagate,Biden , Clinton, and others, Obamagate is the God father to sold America to China,
    Russia, Clinton and others is involved ,wow

  12. Astonishing news to you republicans who claim to support the constitution. Any private concern has the right to exercise editorial control over its content. For example, we could also insist that Fox news grant equal time to more liberal issues. Now that seems fair and balanced.

  13. Bust the shield and let them defend themselves in court. After they loss a few billion maybe they will begin to understand how to properly run their business if there is any of it left.

  14. And get rid of the word hate speech its fake

  15. Yea but u need to actually incite violence and u cant just label white supremacists and what about antifa?? And all the left looney

  16. shut them down they seem to only support terrorist groups and dont let Americans speak …but Im sure you will do nothing about it just more double talk

  17. Trump shoukd close is twitter come to parlor this will solve it all

  18. We shoukd be able to argue and debate online just like a town square
    Now twitter is anticipating possible crime off line?? Wtf?? They arent the cops or detective they arent a prosecutor jury or judge yet they act like one.. all of them are

  19. If a public platform claims to be like a town square they should uphold free speech which is not absolute there are certain thing we know cross the line then they shouldn't be under 230 period private company or not

  20. Tighten up ? Revoke their 230 status ! Period !

  21. नमस्कार शिवाजी भाष्टे मुंबई उच्च सर्व सोशल नेटवर्किंग मिडियाने केलेल्या कामाची पद्धत अप्रतिम आहे आभार मानतो आणि अभिनंदन करतो आहे व तुमच्या माध्यमातून अमेरिकन जनतेला मी धन्यवाद देतो आहे छान

  22. Sell your stock in facebook before they go under

  23. Update 230! Or tech nerds simply don't censor anyone! Go back to the old school! People police themselves! Use the block button if People bully you!

  24. It's about time big tech realized they are Not big brother.

  25. Because the Prince of this world is more control over humans, even those who call themselves Christian.

  26. Let’s support president Trump against the tech media mafia.

  27. ….and he's doing this now???? Censorship has been going on a very long time. It should have been his number one fight from the get go…. He's a JOKE.

  28. Let's get it done already then guys.

  29. Big tech is now an extension of the MSM propaganda machine. They all need to be shown the door.

  30. Heavy penalties for their censoring is required . They are deep state!

  31. Take away Big techs bullet proof vest.

  32. Let’s force big tech to move to China like all other businesses

  33. as long as 230 remains even with amendment to clarify stuff big tech will hop back and forth publisher and platform to escape fines and penalties by their employees and management agenda and political narrative, they need to big tech to specify if they are platform or publisher not both ,platforms censoring must be done bi partisan mods not 100% liberal and far left

  34. I'll bet when Trump is re-elected, he'll put out tons of regulation on them (Big tech) . And I'd love that. These guys deny everything…

  35. There is NO WAY that our President can have over 10K + in each rally and Biden have less than 50 and lose. Get out and vote in person, DO NOT take this for granted, we need each and every vote. America is at your finger tips…

  36. They need to be regulated. They are getting away with changing what gets said to the public. Starting riots. Printing lies. Also they have hidden Biden crimes. Also politicians crimes on the left. Blaming people.

  37. BIG TECH such as Google, Twitter, Facebook are good at plausible deniability. They are BEING EVIL with chinese communist party together! They hire chinese employees for doing censorship. Pay ATTENTION, EVERYONE!

  38. God save USA from the socialism Democratic party and TRAITOR Joe biden. GOD bless President TRUMP and AMERICAN Patriots 💙

  39. New World Order is drawing nigh. Let's be careful out there. Cheers!

  40. يجب تكريمه أحسن تكريم فعلاً رجل رحب الصدر واسع القلب رائع جدا الحبيب الأستاذ صاموءيل أخجل من المسلمين وليس من ديني الرائع الواسع الشاسع بل اعزني الله بها


  42. It does not matter what side of the ledger you sit on, these individuals are extremely dangerous to freedom of speach & the right to every person obtaining the truth of any story.

  43. OK Sir I heard ya I am a Mississippian that is a voter I did not here what you would do toward Big Tech. I am not either party I voted for Sen Lot he and his staff actually helped me personally while Gene Taylor did not while in the Marine Corps of seeing my first born child being born I gave one and voted for him. So could you please in own your words what you will do or not. I will remember your name of Wicker to either for or not

  44. A shield for that industry is not in the best interest of all good Americans. Today Freedom of the Press was not correctly followed. Remove it ! section 230 must go. Open our courts to litigate the wrongs of the Worldwide Web in the USA

  45. I wouldn't miss big tech, realy…

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