Thursday , September 16 2021
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This Morning’s Top Headlines – July 23 | Morning News NOW

The CDC is reporting a 53% increase in Covid-19 cases, the Biden administration is sanctioning Cuban officials, and the Department of Justice is launching anti-gun “strike forces.”

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  1. Nobody believes anything you say anymore. Thought you knew?

  2. A pandemic of the unvaccinated. We all knew they would somehow blame the unvaccinated and also try once again to guilt people into getting the jab. “You’re killing children” This agenda is so blatantly obvious it’s comical. The more desperate the media gets, the more obvious it becomes

  3. So full of propaganda it's crazy

  4. Biden is unsung illegal immigrants to spread it around…Now using Covid as another weapon right before the election and midterms…Never doubted he would not….He is deliberately spreading it over a million illegal immigrants coming in and being bused all over the US. Any deaths are in him. He not trying to protect any of us or our kids…Just the opposite.

  5. When will people tire of this bolshevik propaganda

  6. Diabetes can have serious health consequences. The ADA report that more Americans die from diabetes every year than from AIDS and breast cancer combined. According to the CDC, 79,535 deaths occur each year due to diabetes. The number of fatalities related to diabetes may be underreported.

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  8. No one cares anymore, the media & government have no credibility

  9. Screw the unvaccinated.

  10. Jesus the news media is wacked ! So if there was 10 yesterday and it went up 50% thats 15 today. Way to hype it all up. Covid covid covid. STFU!!!

  11. A variation that side steps the vaccines? You don't mean it?? Thousands illegally crossing the border and international air travel during a pandemic!!!!!! 🤔🤢🤒
    Come on man… 😠
    Biden you know better. 😱😵

  12. God bless Dr IGUDIA on YouTube who cured me from herpes with his effective herbal products. I will forever be grateful sir. You all can also contact him for help on any kind of disease on his YouTube channel

  13. I hope they’re planning on extending the unemployment

  14. The vaccinated ARE the delta variant! Are you people not see what’s happening here? Oh my goodness don’t get the bloody vaccine this is what is perpetuating this virus are you guys thick or what? Arrrgghhh

  15. The rest of Cape Cod needs to be like P-town and mask everyone up. Mad props to P-town for doing the right thing. Problem is, ppl still are not masking up there…at least they weren't the other day when I was there.

  16. As soon as the CDC woman came on I tuned out

  17. Why a booster if the first 2 don't work 🤔?

  18. Always talk about the rise in deaths and cases but never how many of these case that recovered.

    US Coronavirus Cases: 35,224,146

    Deaths: 626,235

    Recovered: 29,482,736

    Cases which had an outcome:

    29,482,736 (98%)
    Recovered / Discharged

    626,253 (2%)

  19. No problems with covid from the Southern Border Ivasion. We can be thankful for that.


  21. Such a drama channel, what are you trying to achieve? Fauchi is to blame!!! Are you trying to scare people? Therapists are busy too because of these channels

  22. Vaccine not effective to delta

  23. MA: 1) how soon after the shot did people socialize?
    2) which vaccine did they get?
    3) was vaccine card available for proof?
    4) were the fully vaccinated masked up in crowd? Indoors?
    5) Fauci said backyard bbq among your bubble would be ok, no one listened?

  24. It's been well known that the vaccine does not prevent Covid. It provides an antibody start up that goes to work if you get the virus. The only thing science is ever promised is it gives you 97% promise that you will not die, and 93% chance promise that it won't even be bad enough to go to the hospital. No one has ever said that you can't get it if you've been vaccinated. But it'll just be like a normal flu 3 to 5 days. The scientists aren't perfect and they do not have a cure for Covid but the statistics and percentages are making me feel very safe as long as I also take precautions like wearing a mask when indoors or around people who have not been vaccinated because I still don't want the 3 to 5 day flu symptoms. But at least I know that I'm not going to die from it!!

  25. Data shows that Children do not get seriously ill or die from COVID-19. Stop spreading panic by not telling the whole story. It’s not funny

  26. I wish I am the 【 mask manufacture owner】!!

  27. 60% of all new Delta cases hospitalized in the UK are double vaxd. Last week by their Chief Medical Officer. I have to say America or its CDC slow on the uptake at updating its citizens – problem is their "get vaxd" blame it all on the "unvaxd" manifesto. Delta is an escape variant. Deaths are rare, not hospitalizations (latter much lower if vaxd).

  28. But don't listen to these scientists or doctors. Tucker Carlson is my covidiot expert.

  29. Sending your kids to camp is as lame as going on a cruise ship.

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