Thursday , September 16 2021
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This Morning’s Top Headlines – July 30 | Morning News NOW

The White House steps up its push to get more Americans vaccinated, Israel is offering Pfizer Covid-19 booster shots to people over 60, and an internal CDC report warns the delta variant infections are more severe.

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  1. How many of you read the leaked CDC memo. So Stop. Let people make there own choice to take or not take the vaccine..

  2. Quick survey yes or no. If you're fully vaccinated: are you going to comply and wear the mask?

  3. This man is not being truthful mutations and booster shot. Mutations are much more rare than they say. Booster shot is usually because of bacteria fungus or slow virus like HPV human papilloma virus. Coronavirus is polio and an acute severe respiratory disease. This is not a slow virus a booster is very unusual for normal vaccine technology. These are not normal vaccine technology and should be closely examined for cells and cell lines and not used.

  4. 2:00 I thought touching your nose was against the rules.

  5. How about illegals no entry

  6. Is this nation really united…? How? where,when?…

  7. Business will just start losing cant even stop police from acting crazy and definitely cant force people to take shots.

  8. She will never be Simone I think they want Simone to step aside

  9. What about all the people crossing our border who are not vaccinated and sent all over the states by plane or bus? They are a threat.

  10. I hate his whispering!
    Sounds evil.

  11. I really think that a disingenuous collective of aliens are just trying to distract us and make us also fight at the same time.

    Lol since religion this has kinda been a pattern with how society is owned behind the scenes 🛸🥒💦🤷‍♀️🌏🙄

  12. Seeing a 5g add pop up during the news is like disingenuous alien propaganda with little smaller bits of alien propaganda inside

    Kinda like how Barnes and nobles has a little coffee shop inside and inside that is a little bookstore lol

  13. "Give me liberty or give me death."….Joe said, " it's either life or death. Who wrote his speech?

  14. BLM they liked you when will you make a reapearance??? They didn't prosecute you folks…. see you already got away with it once….

  15. Reminds me of tienmen square in china… not sure of the spelling…. when the people get fed up and the government pulls out the big guns on them and ran them over with tanks…it could happen here…

  16. Peace… let the Tsnami do its thing…

  17. I want oeace…but I can not guarantee this much… depends on what my fellow citizens decide to do…. you fear a coup the most…

  18. Petition petition petition remove the current administration from their positions before they have a war on their hands…keep only the ones that stand up for Americas best interests… potato kameltoes pelosi chenney schumer aoc abrams Sanders and all of the test of them… should stand trial for treason..
    Crimes against humanity…incompetence… failure to fulfill their oaths… dereliction of duties… misleading the world… lying to all the people that believed what they were told to do… now you are forcing people to get a vaccine just to keep their job????? Shame on us… but especially the shame and the blame is on the fake government we have leading us now…

  19. 3rd shot is necessary then 4, 5, 6 etc until we all die

  20. The people who are vaccinated and got the delta variant are also spreading the virus, in some states 20% and more.

  21. They also warned about the side effects of the booster shot… it wasn't Fauci this time…

  22. Potato???? You are misinformed…. and you stand to risk everything…. the news of the day comes from the C.D.C. and W.H.O. TOLD THE WORLD THAT VACCINATED PEOPLE ARE CARRIERS AND CAN TRANSMIT THE DISEASE TO UNVACCINATED PEOPLE…

  23. Earth dying! News bout spoiled olimpic brats

  24. I see everything from a positive point of view. If they want to die, let them die, their freedom to die. I see a bright future of our Planet, with less ignorant and stupid people in it.

  25. So are we going have a shortage again ? Tissue, sanitizer etc. wake me up when this nightmare is over 😒

  26. Does she mean no shirt no service lol 😂

  27. 70% vacinated in Israel caught covid.
    Can't hide your lying!!

  28. The love of humanity wasn't first. The love of Jesus Christ was first so that we can pursue the love of humanity correctly.

  29. I heard on CBS there’s already four other variance

  30. If they are so worried ..why do the let Covid positive illegals into this country!! Also..there have been studies the masks do not work !

  31. They're trying to separate us can people not see that? Look to Jesus Christ people he's coming.

  32. Looks like the government we the people have won. Tell them according to the bible what they have won GOD.

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