Tuesday , June 28 2022

This Morning’s Top Headlines – May 4 | Morning News NOW

The Supreme Court confirms the leak of a draft opinion that could overturn Roe v. Wade and the first group of Ukrainians are able to evacuate from the Mariupol steel plant.

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  2. Can I get the playlist link for morning news ,Plz ?

  3. The American people are psychologically stressed to the max. I'd like to see less political extreme and more emphasis on self governing. Use birth control. Use your thinker. Not your stinker. Abortion is taking life.

  4. The supreme court has lost ALL integrity. Apparently they are unaware of the SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE, and pretty sure SLAVERY is not allowed anymore. No, you don't get to tell me what i can and can not do with MY BODY, I AM NOT YOUR SLAVE, and yes, we already had this conversation., 50 years ago. Alito is a complete and utter hater of women. He needs to be removed, along with the other members who committed perjury, when they LIED UNDER OATH that they had no intention of attacking womens rights to their own body.

  5. I don't like this female anchor. She's Hella weird.

  6. No one cares about the leak, everyone cares about what it’s about. Supreme Court plotting

  7. God's Life will prevail !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!!

  8. There is no integrity in the Supreme Court anymore. Period. It's not just a matter of a leak. The last three Justice's seated by the Republican's lied through their teeth under oath in Congress. The Republican's and those three Justice's were always intending to reverse Roe v Wade. The Republican's are unraveling our Democracy step by step. Before you know it we will no longer have freedom of religion, either.

  9. Children have a right to live

  10. ….the decision has been made 50 yrs ago. Let's move on instead of regressing. Focus on more important, non-bible thumping issues

  11. Embarrassed to be American if Roe is turned over

  12. Media is always wanting to remove the filibuster, consequences be damned.

  13. Anti abortion, no maternity leave … America in 2022 lead the world in backward laws. Backward people?


  14. What is Biden waiting for??He can stack the court with executive action! USA women call him tweet him write him. Demand he moves now!!

  15. Now we know what we all have to do this come November!

  16. Well I guess when women are forced to have unwanted babies they can leave them on the steps of the state capital!

  17. The Congress of the USA also needs a systemic view of their legislation beyond a reasonable doubt unconstitutional legislation. We should not have to tolerate constitutional violations in silence.

  18. I personally think they need to leave the right to abortion up to the individual. Everyone has different reasons for it. Why should anybody get in the way of their human right. I think this whole thing is a scam by politicians to take our minds off interest rates and our crumbling economy all because the Democrats stopped oil companies from drilling and keeping us energy independent and mismanagement of our ports. Yes, there are other reasons for the bad economy namely, over-priniting of money but that played a huge part in it cause from the start Biden came into office with hatred in his heart to undo Trump's hard work. Oh well, you do the deed, you pay the price but unfortunately it's us, the American people, the common folks who are paying for it not the rich Politicians.

  19. The supreme court has to face the danger of vaccination in criminal court. Preventing a risk assessment and required vaccination of nurses and doctors is something to be clarified in criminal court. This is not a civil case. When we are speaking of physical harm broadly we certainly are speaking of criminal conduct.

  20. Somebody can speak the truth and shed some light to people who blindly believe these right wing. See if any of the right wi ngers would adopt a black or a brown child.

  21. The fact that several democrat lawmakers won't vote to remove the filibuster shows that they are like Manchin and Senema Wolves in sheeps clothing…..bad and sad for most of the people in this country…soooo bad for us……

  22. War is murder also let's make it illegal and make a law against it as well. Oh that's right there are to many people making money off of that .

  23. This entire debate just exposes how far removed we are from God, the creator of this world and us. I am certain, He is disgusted with His creation and how We have turned our backs on Him. For the women who rant "My Body, My Choice, don't forget who gave you that body?

  24. God gave you the gift of life, yet you think you can deny the life of the unborn. How callous!

  25. I say keep it legal and make it mandatory then we can get rid of all these people🤣🤣🤣🤣♻️♻️♻️😳😳😳😘😘😘

  26. WHO is going to investigate FIVE current Supreme Court Justices for LYING UNDER OATH?
    WHEN will there be an investigation of FIVE current Supreme Court Justices for LYING UNDER OATH?
    WHY would any responsible, patriotic, AMERICAN ever TRUST the honesty and jurisprudence of these LYING FIVE Supreme Court Justices ever AGAIN??
    They are LIARS!!! They are LIARS UNDER OATH!!! These FIVE Supreme Court Justices are LYING CRIMINALS.
    A LYING Supreme Court… DEMOCRACY is DEAD.

  27. Oppressive laws are written passed and enforced by people who knowingly and intentionally want to, need to, and get pleasure out of oppressing and hurting "the others." These people are intrinsically Fascists. And "Fascists" is the perfect and most accurate label for these people.

  28. Are you asking this about abortion "Is "legal" murder an oppressive law?"… Only for people who are only capable of thinking in symbols and devoid of the ability to value real people. If you find "the rights of the fetus" have a greater value than making a woman your slave through state laws, then you are incapable of real love and real feelings. If you think an abortion is the horrendous death of a fetus, then do not have one. If you think your god gives you some unalienable right to control another living person's body, then your god is the Devil incarnate and you are the fascist oppressor.

  29. Maybe this is the time for our more powerful Rights!! Maybe it is the time for a Second Amendment Solution for our Supreme Court Justices!! (Not my chosen or desired solution. But if it is good enough for endless mass murders, it is certainly good enough for this.)

  30. It is time for our Supreme Court to again examine this faulty language. "nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws." Yes!! It is time for our Supreme Court to again examine this faulty language. "nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws." Eliminate all faulty language. Our Supreme Court must do its Constitutionally mandated work.

  31. YEA your body your choice,murderer,it's call Soul corruptions.All these dead unborn babies are coming back to nuke you.