This never should have happened: Sen. Ernst

Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, joined ‘Mornings with Maria’ to discuss the potential for a government shutdown, the U.N. General Assembly, and the Biden administration’s foreign policy strategy. 

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  1. Mitch needs to go fishing. I hope his constituents vote against him. It's time for his primary.

  2. Our government seems unaware of the country's inflation, and the situation is worsening daily. We should explore ways to increase our income through improved opportunities.

  3. CLOSED…gone fishin'…

  4. Retirement is the best thing for him

  5. We don't want the Ukraine war funded. All you are doing is funding Ukraine and Biden corruption slush fund. Joe owes the world.

  6. It was always their money to begin with. Our government had no right to steal it from them.

  7. I save no funds shut it down. And let the people take care of itself

  8. This is what you get when you vote for Democrats they are destroying our country from within and they're doing a good job of it because nobody stops are pushes back. The people have a big decision to make in the 24 election whether we want to be a socialist country or not I don't want to be I've seen first hand what happens in those countries and it's not very pleasant you can already see Joe Biden rule as a dictator now he doesn't even use executive orders anymore

  9. 👍👍👍👍. I was at a retirement seminar and the speaker spoke on how he quit his job after he made well over $950,000 PROFIT within 3months he invested $120,000. I just began investing and i will really appreciate any tips or helpful guide….

  10. President Biden administration is bully to the American people and yet a coward to the enemy !!!! Disgusting of the Democrats.

  11. The leader of iran looks like hes 120 yrs old

  12. Well said spawn of, Mitch! Business as usual 😢

  13. This was hilarious.. I cost more to shut it down because we have to back pay.. but then if they never went out they still would have got paid. Over time I get but lol.

  14. That’s Biden/Obama’s strategy is to bring down Israel and indirectly funding Iran to do that. Weakening America is their end game to allow a group of globalists to run the world.

  15. How long do we have to wait to get the action these career liars, thieves and murderers say we deserve? Everyone who takes a public office should be liable for their words under threat of jail. They are allowed to lie because they are not under oath and they pass laws to enhance themselves and their friends' portfolios. Why don't you get to the problem and stop throwing bandaids and wrenches. Greed over public funds should lead to public shaming. The federal reserve and the stock market should be eliminated!

  16. Let the government shut down, bring it on!

  17. Follow the money trail !!!!