Saturday , July 24 2021
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This new craze is redefining the alcohol industry

Vikram Nayar and Vivek Nayar on the hard seltzer market, White Claw’s popularity and their own seltzer brand, Two Robbers.

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  1. gonna be the “ Billy Beer “ of the 2000’s

  2. This stuff taste like dog sh!t.

  3. Hard seltzer is dumb. Go IPAs

  4. Vikram Nayar, Vivek Nayar two robbers. Very robbery comes with apple, juicy mango and citric orange. Highly concentrated in Phili. Now this concentration is going into more hands🤔. Is this legal to contain juices in soda cans and sale? These fruits are refrigerated?
    By name these look like they come from India, Kerala mallu family and these mallus work with juicy chicks and added drugs concentration. NY, NJ, CA, San Francisco, Baltimore like metro cities make these preferential trade business. They have license for these processed juicy chicks?

  5. WOW ! ! 2 young men.. With beards.. About as "Original" as their ( Malt Seltzer water) .

  6. Seltzer water, neutral sprits, and fruit flavor. [Don't] sign me up!

  7. Beer is healthy.
    Stop drinking 24+ cans and you'll be fine.

  8. Awesome story, good luck! Going to try Two Robbers! ✝️🇺🇸WWG1WGA 🇺🇸✝️


  10. You're starting with zero share in a very crowded market. For that reason, I'm out.

  11. They did this 25 years ago. It was called Zima

  12. NO alcohol is physically better for you. This is just another marketing scheme.

  13. If a guy who sold sugar water could make a fortune selling Apples, two dudes risking capital and making out selling specialty sugar water with a story ought to fly.

  14. What??? Nothing is better than beer! Get out of here, and go back to your soy milk!

  15. The next Zimas. Wont be around for long

  16. Hmmm…I do love my hard cider.

  17. I can't stand the way this lady talks. She sounds like she has brain trauma

  18. Fun fact, hard seltzers are actually easier to produce than other alcohols thanks to gasp FEWER REGULATIONS

  19. It tastes worse than water. Women ruin everything.

  20. Selling poison to addicts, sounds like a really ethical way of getting rich to me! Alcohol causes the most total damage when compared to ALL other drugs, nobody should even think its ok to drink the IQ lowering garbage!

  21. Alcoholic flavored seltzer water? lol. And for health? Marketing lie. And it will never be as satisfying as craft beer and good wine.

  22. Alcohol kills your test levels, increases your estrogen, drains your pockets and dismantles your liver. I’m out.

  23. I stopped drinking and lost 75lbs; No lie.

  24. Healthier? So no hangover then? Sounds like water

  25. Lol, hey Indians… we already have Zima!

  26. Definitely not letting go of beer but it sounds like a great option for the ladies. Definitely giving it a try.

  27. Guinness is Beer.

    Drink Responsibly.

  28. You will never replace beer especially with that crap

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