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THIS PLACE IS MAGIC // Moving Vlogs Episode 16 // Fashion Mumblr

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  1. I have to say that is one place I would picture Marie Antoinette walking around.

  2. Please watch @gardenanswer, your house is so beautiful and your garden could be amazing, if you follow her you will learn so much as her style is sympathetic to your house.

  3. Dainty, Pretty, little lady! =) Love the views!

  4. I love to follow your Vlogs and admire how your hard work and determination with your positive attitude has achieved your dreams 💕 perfection 💕 but slightly uncomfortable with the comments to acquire sponsorship from Waitrose when you are already gifted so many pleasure’s,especially when life is very difficult for people not as fortunate. Sorry🙁 I do not normally comment or criticise.

  5. Oh my gosh, that hydrangea made such a diff!

  6. Is it just me or does Josie resemble a young Dame Vera Lynn?

  7. What would be the link for chicken tikka masala?

  8. Ein Traum, es sieht so toll aus🌸💖🌸

  9. Your food always looks yummy it's making me hungry 😍😍😍 x

  10. You need to order some work to dry out for next year so yo7 can use in the fire. I’d build a wood store at the end of your garden, if the wood has any moisture is takes ages to burn and smokes. If you have a combination wood-burner or actual fire I’d buy the oval coals they smoke less and keep the heat for hours. I’ve put a log on new coals at 6pm and the coal and ash are still warm enough the next day that I can just add another log to restart the fire at 8am the next morning.

  11. I use cut up foam swimming noodles instead of terracotta on big pots so they aren’t as heavy to move and I can change the internal pot easily.

  12. Josie and Charlie congratulations on your beautiful home! I have always enjoyed watching your channel but now it's even more delightful!much love from a Greek girl living in the US!

  13. Wow its so crazy that your house was 2 million pounds!!!! You're so lucky 🙂 I have a degree in biomedicine and am currently a teacher and part time firefighter and I will never earn enough money to buy that kind of house. But I also don't think that I have enough time to keep it clean haha! So happy for you 🙂 xx

  14. Charlie has 2000 pairs of shoes, and one pair of (pink) shorts.😁

  15. You looke like Jane Austen's Emma in the beginning of this vlog! This is so much better than just fashion videos! Way to go, Josie!

  16. I really love how your home is coming together. Thank you for sharing… Charlie is amazing at gardening and he's a great cook he's amazing at everything

  17. The area you live in looks so pretty and green, does it stay so green and lush all summer? Also did you post that recipe somewhere it looks delicious! I wish my boyfriend had as much interest and energy to help in my landscape, I tend to have to do it all myself, so jealous.

  18. I really like your videos but there are far too many ads on these latest vlogs

  19. The bluebell glade was the prettiest setting, you looked so lovely there. Family together is also so heartwarming 12:07

  20. So enjoying Charlie and you doing vlogs together.

  21. Such lovely wholesome content! I am living for all of the garden/ home making tips! This is gold

  22. Oh my goodness the moment I saw the shoes on the table I thought that is bad luck and then you said it.

  23. WOW, I just love everything 😍 OMG, the woodland ❤🌿💚🌸️👗👒

  24. Josie, please could you give me the ingredients for your chicken tikka masala, did you put cream in it? Looks gorgeous! x 😊

  25. I think Charlie, could do a cooking programme on TV with pan suggestions too. And also a gardening programme, he's got one of those voices that is interesting and nice to listen to.x 😊

  26. ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  27. That has been something on my wishlist every year, to take some beautiful photographs in the bluebell woods. So beautiful! You are so lucky that is on your doorstep! you can't beat how beautiful nature is! 🌸🌲🌳 x 😊

  28. Those pearls look gorgeous on you Josie! You probably know this already, if they are real Pearl's, be careful not spray perfume or hairspray near them. And wipe with a soft cloth after wearing. As you said they were expensive, so you want to keep them nice.x 😊

  29. Always wear a mask and gloves when handling soil, compost or potting mix; … Open bags of composted potting mix slowly, directing the opening away from the face to avoid inhaling the mix. Wet the soil to reduce dust when potting plants; Water gardens and composts gently, using a low-pressure hose; and.Nov 7, 2018

  30. Absolutely gorgeous and it looked like Blue bell wood. Just wondering if you know that you should wear a mask when working with potting mix for plants as it can damage lungs.

  31. Start bank holiday celebrating VE Day 😔

  32. we have a 6 foot rule here in the US. Those flowers were beautiful and the footage of you walking through them was lovely

  33. Do you grow much from seed or are most store bought?

  34. I feel bad for Charlie, he only has that one pair of pink shorts 🤣🤣
    I’m enyoying this home video’s so much 😘😘

  35. Yes the azalea loves acidic soil so you can put some used coffee grounds on them if you have them 💕💕💕💕

  36. Omg so in love with your new home and it’s surroundings! Cherish it! 😍💕🐝🌼🌸🌺🥀

  37. I love how you are ladylike I am so sick of other influencers pushing the over exposed and too sexy image 24/7. You look great and ladylike and I try to emulate your style but less white colours and more darker neutral tones for me. Love you

  38. Looks like scene out of a movie.

  39. Honestly, #waitrose, step up and sponsor!! 😆

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