Monday , January 18 2021
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This popular Senate Democrat says their party held up COVID-19 relief

This popular Senate Democrat  says their party dropped the ball on coronavirus relief.

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  1. The only Democrat that did not lie, is Jane Fonda she openly said the COVID-19 virus is God's GIFT to the Democrats!!!!!!! She is right, It has made possible the most crooked fraudulent election in the history of the United States. You can see by the way they kept Joe Biden hidden in the basement their strategy was not to really win legal votes it was to shut down the election at just the right time find out how many votes they needed then crank up dominion and 4 AM mail drops in the Key States and use all the money that China has indirectly supplied to them to fraudulently win the election for president, that's obvious because so many ballots only voted for the president nothing on the down-ballot!!!!!! Do you really think this was a fair election – come on man!!!!!!!!

  2. Why am I having to note he’s an I ?

  3. This is just one of many miss steps to come.

  4. The Dems are out to build their own wealth and power and don't give a hoot about their constituents. What's incomprehensible is why anyone still votes for these idiots.

  5. No duh! We've known this for a long time. Months!

  6. NC Gov. Roy Cooper has ordered a curfew from 10pm to 5am. Cooper is trying to make NC the new CA. We must stand up for our rights and put a stop to democrat agendas in our State.

  7. Jeesus is not lord or saver.

  8. McConnell is the culprit. He doesn't want employers to be given a free ride if their employees get covid. If McConnell wanted to give trump a win, he would have managed it before the election. Where is the quote from Sanders? The source it comes from? Never any proof on fox.


  10. Fox News = FAKE NEWS! Watch at your own peril….Especially if it's the Great Idiot Neil Cavuto!

  11. Hey, politics is a dirty business. If you cannot handle it, retire already.

  12. Anyone who supports this relief bill let me be clear if bident wins he will most likely make you payback every single penny of that in taxes. He wants more taxes don't believe the lies. It's a good idea in the short term but it will hurt us in the future.

  13. He only says that because he lost a candidacy.

  14. the Supreme Court has ordered Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin to respond to the State of Texas' lawsuit by 3pm tomorrow. This election lawsuit alleges violations of fundamental Constitutional protections

  15. Democrats are not for the people take chuck schumer the other day saying Biden would wipe out 50 thousand dollars of student loan debt the persistent does not have the power to wipe out personal debt sorry he can't do that chuck lied through his teeth look it up im right

  16. They both held up relief bill. Britty barns is all opinions.

  17. Of course the Dems held up cv19 relief. It's a Pelosi plan to ruin Americans, American business and our freedom and economy. Dems truly stink.

  18. Let's face it Bernie – your own party stiffed you good.

  19. Nothing more evil than a Democrats

  20. Of course Dems held up the stimulus money. Everyone knows that. Not new news. What doesn't the media stop

  21. Getting rid of Trump was much more important than their pesky constituents.

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