This problem lies directly at the feet of the president: Ashley Davis

Former Homeland Security official Ashley Davis discusses why parents should be concerned about the fentanyl crisis in America on ‘Fox Business Tonight.’

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  1. Crazy demovratc have open borders

  2. What just blows me away is there are people still supporting Biden. He stupid, how ignorant, how ridiculous, how dumb are you to support a corrupt, a criminal, a pedophile, a fool, a loser, a murderer and someone who isn't even a real man! You must be a complete imbecile who masterbates in front of an elementary school. Because that's how awful your judgment is. F*ck Biden!

  3. I dont understand how Biden can even show his face. He's destroyed every single thing he has touched for 40 years. Biden has embarrassed every single American. He actions and policies are a disaster for all of us. F*ck Biden!

  4. Don't have the answers. "These are the kinds of stunts from people who don't have the solutions". It is his fault. He probably farms too many peanuts on the Federal dime. What is a stunt. How about. They did it. Caused turmoil on a world scale. Yes! Leftist are world wide. I believe it possible the NWO saying now is the time to strike. America is the gold ring. All the countries and their peoples we once helped by being strong. The wimps on the left want to reinvent the world in their image and they don't know how to do that. No human does. I believe in God Almighty and we the decent people might just get the chance to send them packing this November 2022!


  6. We Have No President Woth Joe Biden !!!!!!! We Have A Cognitive Moron!!!!!!

  7. Fentynal Is Bassically Anthrax !!!

  8. DMZ instead of border / Gunnery Range / Create Ammo production jobs.

  9. Bidens America is Weak / No one respects what is weak.

  10. use those 87,000 irs agents to deport every illegal that came through under MOLDY JOE . MAYORKAS IS EVIL.

  11. We need a huge class action suit for everyone who has a love ones died from fentanyl to sue the Biden administration

  12. We have no Real president in office Joe is a lame duck in office of THE US

  13. There’s no hope for these people

  14. Texas and Arizona and other border states can’t afford the aliens either! Washington DC, New York, Martha’s Vineyard need to find the money from their budgets, and the places Biden snuck ,over night to other places. The amount of people taken to these ” sanctuary” see only a minuscule 🪹of the illegals from the border. What about the money being used for the border states?

  15. What problem? The problem you faced as a woman being slapped around by an arrogant husband, relagated to the kitchen that was at Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi's feet when they first ran.

  16. Biden doesn't care about the damage as long as it means the end of white majority in America.

  17. this woman is out of her mind!!! Whoes responsiblility was it when Trump was in office, somehow, still the fault of the democracts? Whose fault was it in the Reagan Administration, in the 'Just Say NO!" era ,somehow, still the Democrats fault? America is a drug addict country and it is libertarian/Republican – Government stay out of my personal freedom to use drugs fault. If the DEA and other agencies went after drugs at every level from the drud dealer on the street to the cartels, the banks they use, the companies and government officials that they bribed and corrupted, if they sanctioned the drug industry like they do to Cuba<North Korea, Iran, and Venezuela, then they would be virtualy no drugs at all.

  18. Want Change? Don't like Biden? Until the GOP denounces trump and his minions – Democrats will rule this country – The GOP needs to Stop nominating Election Denying morons.

  19. We need to make these drug people eat handfuls of their own products !

  20. we should do more like Canada about people coming in

  21. Entrap the dealers and pump them full of the stuff.

  22. Democrats want abortion up to birth do you really think that they care about children.!!!

  23. I thought Brandon was fighting Fentanyl by getting people to smoke crack instead??

  24. give kids dollar toys! , kits for crafting little decorations, anything but candy,

  25. If a "State" sends them back (deports them) they will simply cross again. Another state sends them back, they will cross again. And around and around around we go….

  26. Let's all remember that w/o a demand for drugs they wouldn't bring the drugs here.

  27. America is a joke. Take a good look at yourselves.

  28. I think the president and his cabinet and his voters ate to much of this fetinohl laced Candy, I'm serious !!!!

  29. Pete Bootiedge is worthless and useless.


  31. It's like we have the sick lame and lazy running our country!🤒🤕😵‍💫

  32. Howe come tha illegels most of tham man looks well fed and looks well dressd.

  33. Y'all your Halloween candy is fine. No one's hiding drugs inside a Reces Pieces.

  34. Commmmmmmme on , if the dumbest 😩 person on earth even slower than DOPY JOE 😩 which is I , have figured out that BIDEN is only a dummy and puppet in the hands of hard left democrats, definitely there are some people with a bit of common sense that can see this ?, or may be not! 😴😴😴😵😩😨…….

  35. Why are all of these leaders just sitting back and watching this happen we have to vote them out wake up Americans

  36. Nobody is giving out drugs for Halloween.

  37. Well it looks like potato head just ruined Halloween

  38. This is a tiny problem in a massive problem and that problem is the intentional war on our nation from within and abroad…we are on a razors edge from imploding and being taken over by real evil…and we won’t fight like they fight.

  39. Why are Republican women always so much more attractive than dems? "Except for Tulsi Gabbard}