This sends a clear signal government overreach won't be tolerated: GOP lawmaker

North Dakota Republican Sen. Kevin Cramer reacts to West Virginia v. EPA and weighs in on government regulations on ‘Kudlow.’ #FoxBusiness #kudlow

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  1. FJB! Let's get some oil pumping in ND and other cities in the US! Maybe if Old Joe asks us really nicely, we can sell him some of our oil? But, it's going to cost him a pretty penny! "jk" I wonder how much he was paying Russia? Biden doesn't care, it's not his money! I hope he plans on keeping it in the US and not rushing over to China! No one should have shut anything down, until the Biden Administration had their Clean Energy Project, turn-key ready! We could have saved Biden from a whole lot of begging and humiliation, and the United States from a whole lot of embarrassment!

  2. The mob rule (democracy) won’t be tolerated!

  3. It's all a political ploy by the democrats to send the USA into the stone age.None of the other countries have these restrictions.

  4. You know how many are oil tankers are conning hear thousands.

  5. How many tons of pollution. From oil tankers goes into the air in one hour.over 10 tons.polution means nothing to the present administration.

  6. And no corporate interference in elections.even foundations etc.

  7. Term limits. Term limits. Term limits. Y’all get ????

  8. Seems like just the opposite to me. Crooked politicians can do whatever they want.

  9. When it came to forced injections making the American people lab rats where was the Supreme Court?

  10. Say no to marxism that wrap up in a package called critical race theory!!!

  11. splineless republicans lead this in the first place, f%%k rinos. vot them out first.

  12. Keven loves the war in Ukraine. He wants to support it to the point of WW3 and/or Western economic collapse.

  13. The supreme court ! The Constitution says the fed can't dictate what the constitution does not allow for. Must know the constitution and the limits it puts on the fed government.

  14. LESS government is a beautiful thing! We need even less of it!

  15. Cramer is a turn coat leave are guns alone…

  16. We want Mitch McConnell to retire and Pelosi gone from this planet

  17. Better cover 2A in the correct light. Not the narrative. The blue helmets are coming.

  18. Wow, someone is finally doing their job

  19. You've got to be kidding me! Biden's appointees are running wild and you can't reign in Crazy Power Mad Idiots! They will keep pushing till and if they are removed and jailed for the broken laws and lieing to Congress!

  20. Are they implying that our government may be crooked. No way

  21. Regulatory agencies don't have the power to make any laws or regulate prices. They have usurped that power for at least a decade.

  22. The overreach of a president is an armed coup attempt. Unprecedented. A failed state when this is not treated as high treason.

  23. Please vote this guy our N.DAKOTA

  24. I heard hat the government is going to help people between the ages of 40-72. Well what out those over 72?Are we just supposed to fade away, apparently we don’t count anywhere! I am 83 live alone and take care of myself I live on my social security but it does not go that far after paying bills. The electric bill hurts and even water bill has gone up in last 2 months. People like me sure did not cause this inflation but we are sure paying for it!

  25. this scotus ruling will not stop the dim led war on fossil fuels and their march towards socialism and marxism-they will enact and attempt to enforce by any and all means whatever they can dream up to roadblock americas energy independence-NO RULE BY ANY GOVT AGENCY SHOULD GO INTO EFFECT WO CONGRESSION APPROVAL OF A 60 VOTE MARGIN-thats real democracy and the dims hate what they say they are fighting for-+


  27. Is this true? We have been saying past year and a half. ; where does this POTUS get the authority to shut down commerce (as in energy sector). Does this mean States can now resume energy and other production?