Sunday , December 5 2021
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'This shouldn't have ever happened': Rick Perry

Former energy secretary Rick Perry reacts to Biden saying he has no ‘near-term answer’ for high gas prices. #FoxBusiness #Kudlow

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  1. You rightly said that these “Whack Jobs that will attend the energy summit”,can someone find out who actually goes how they get nominated to go and what their qualifications and backgrounds are?

  2. Democrats are killing Americans taking our freedoms

  3. You help this happen RINO Perry!!!!

  4. Its the Great Reset. Order from kaos. Congress sits and do nothing to stop this.

  5. This administration wants to bankrupt all Americans. Keep us all
    Poor an under the boot
    “Let’s go Brandon “

  6. Hey, America, do you miss Trump yet?

  7. "This shouldn't have ever happened" Rick says. Where has he been while the circus came to town….how many of these barely plugged in "Politicians" are tax cattle supporting. No solutions just a day late and a dollar short yappers……unreal.

  8. Americans still left behind enemy lines in Afghanistan, inflation is raging, the supply chain is backed up, illegal immigration at the southern border just hit a new high, American ports are overwhelmed with stagnant cargo, China just launched a hypersonic missile and Build Back Better is stalled on Capitol Hill. But none of these pressing issues are stopping President Joe Biden from leaving the White House Friday for another weekend away in Delaware.

  9. Biden needs to go to Afghanistan

  10. Get these tools the hell out of capital

  11. Energy and supply chain shortages !

  12. Trump SECOND WORST PRESIDENT in American History.
    Trump SAID 30573 LIES while he was President
    Trump STARTED the BIG LIE IN 2020 ELECTION FRAUD ( not proven so far)
    Trump SPENT 305 days PLAYING GOLF while he was President
    Trump SPENT over $141,000,000.00 (TAX DOLLARS) PLAYING GOLF while he was Presiden

  13. Sir, the left will not open the pipeline because Gates would lose millions.

  14. Every thing that seems a crisis since Biden stole the office, was planned. The DARPA bioweapon called Covid 19, the experiment to take away our God Given Rights, splitting apart the citizens with CRT, forcing experienced police, fire, paramedics, and military to quit over a stupid mandate. A mandate is NOT a law. Masks and these vaccines do not work on a virus with a 99% cure rate, if the cures are used.

  15. "F" Joe Bribes Worst Fake President Ever

  16. Rick Perry said it correctly. It's a war on fossil fuels. It's the Green New Spiel which seems to want to convert everyone to Electric, Solar, and Windmills in 16 months. This is anarchist insanity in the worst case scenario ever!

  17. 💜🙏🏼🇺🇸

  18. Obviously, we do not live in the land of "Should." We live in a land where Trump was far too competent a leader with the consent of the governed. If there is one thing the Democrats hate worse than competence it is the consent of the governed.

  19. I am Embarrassed for the idiotic news anchors at CNn, MSNBC, CBS…for being so dumb to think American's are in a dementia state as the president they pushed into as top Democratic material! These people are puppets from all angles! To think they get paid millions is even more embarrassing…..what about National Security?

  20. Biden is not a man. Not a leader. Definitely NOT a president. He is a foolish corrupt inept liar evil dementiad swamp rat on the take – with progressives, Chinese, Russia, Ukraine and needs to be Impeached.

  21. Biden is a corrupt inept foolish dementiad arrogant person. Not a man. Not a leader. Definitely, NOT a president!

  22. By being a Marxist, employing Neo-Marxist policies!!! That's how!!!

  23. Good graphic but in my wires mid grade and higher grade has exceeded 4$ gallon in upper mid west

  24. Isn't Ricky Bobby just another rino? Haven't you talked about this very thing on your show? Whatever side he's pretending to be on now, he will betray you again when it's most damaging.

  25. "The symbolism is unbelievable!"
    Nope. The symbolism is horrific, the reality is unbelievable.

  26. It's not just that Biden hates fossil fuels, he and his Communist handlers hate oil companies and the people that work for them. To them they represent the typical conservative Republican capitalist that 'plunders and pollutes mother earth' and they must be destroyed.

  27. He destroyed the Keystone pipeline, to aid obumas buddies in Iran, and the 82 billion in military equipment was left, and is showing up in Iran, which aids terrorists in Somalia. Bill, shut off USA oil pumping when pres, for our enemies, and it started up again the day he left. Dems are literally killing USA citizens with open borders with unvetted criminal aliens. Dems are owned by the foreigners who did the massive voter fraud with Germany, China and Italy, besides domestic . Trump is president.

  28. This president shut down the pipeline the keystone pipeline he’s a traitor to America

  29. Even worse is what they are not telling us about that is in that trillion dollar bill they are trying to pass even when they are trying to pass it for a lesser amount! Socialism!

  30. Oh yes the heck he does he never has an answer for a dang thing that has happened since hes been in office he never has a plan n the same for harris that promises Americans 2000$ a month til this horrible thing goes away if they got the 2 georgia votes which they did n still to this day we havent recieved a dang thing them two r worthless n they wont ever pass another stimulus package either they havent yet n it never will b

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