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This Teenager Will Revolutionize Nuclear Power | Archives | NBC News

At age 11, Taylor Wilson told his parents that he wanted to build a nuclear reactor in the family garage. His parents never guessed he would do it, but three years later Taylor made history.
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Since then Taylor has continued to amaze everyone around him with inventions like a cheaper way to make medical isotopes to treat cancer, and a better way to detect dirty bombs. Rock Center’s Harry Smith hikes in the mountains of Western Nevada with this boy wonder to learn what makes Taylor Wilson tick.

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This Teenager Will Revolutionize Nuclear Power | Archives | NBC News


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  2. You can clearly fool the media very easily. This is all we learn from this. Oh and where's the nuclear reactor he made btw ?

  3. no wonder there is so much cancer around today . most of the stuff in our homes is radioactive

  4. probably hidden away somewhere in groom lake lol

  5. Smart, but not wise. His contribute? Radioactivity doesn't discriminate, Taylor might suffer radioactive poison. Illegal, not for whites, but everyone else…white world. Another "White Only".

  6. My mans has had the same chop since grade school

  7. Ahh reminds me apart of a song I had to stab a man in Reno lol

  8. Ahh reminds me apart of a song I had to stab a man in Reno lol

  9. For safety of my precious planet, please consult with someone senior.

  10. What an interesting guy sadly it would seem to me that there are those among us who wouldn't take kindly to a cheap safe form of energy, many brilliant ideas and inventions have in he past been crushed by those with vested interests but every now and the one or two get past them so lets hope that's the case here.

  11. I was talkin about creating a flying object and I had made the statement of using insect Wings the reason why is because I had done some researching over the years back on the internet about a very Wells respected scientists if I am out door-knocking for a roofing company why should I be doing that for them when I should be door-knocking for myself nameed Albert Einstein and there was a particular secret article on the internet that is no longer up and I should not even be mentioned it or disclosing it because since I have posted it, it has already been deleted. Within the past 10 minutes… So if that will tell you anything, well let's just put it this way, you're either a Believer when it comes to science or you're not…

  12. Now I am here looking at my kid like wtf ??? Where did I go wrong ☹️

  13. Straight White Men and their Toxic Masculinity just going around, learning and building new things.

  14. Video shot two months before he went missing and turned up in a lab in North Korea.

  15. I hope and pray that Mr Wilson will be successful and be safe, from all those who are afraid they may lose some of the profitability from other peoples inventions.  Those who run power facilities do not want this kind of completion from a genius who may/will change the world of power (nuclear) generation !

  16. This young is outstanding I wish him all the best in the world an much more! Truly fantastic story thank you!

  17. Claims to harnessing fusion will most hopefully blow you up.

  18. This young man could save us from an apocalypse to happen in future time

    Hope they wown't ignore him or put him under dark business

    To the future👊

  19. the netflix adaption of this will show tyrone deshaun and his single mom

  20. The question remains: who is his real father?

  21. What an amazing young man! My biggest contribution to science is converting chili beans to methane gas. I'm good at it.

  22. So he's going to make a machine that produces cheap to free electricity and you think the electric companies are going to stand for that taking away all that money they are ripping from the people… good luck with that

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