This tells you how ‘woke, socialist, controlled’ Democrats have become: GOP senator

Sen. Markwayne Mullin, R-Okla., criticizes Democrats’ weaponization of federal agencies and fiscal policies. #FOXBusiness

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  1. The Federal government has been using the IRS since they took down Al Capone it's nothing new total abuse of power thus laws should not be available to attack citizens period government can not be trusted with this kind of power

  2. Donald Trump’s day so far:

    – Manhattan DA has incriminating recordings of him for trial

    – DOJ has proof his people moved boxes of classified docs the day before FBI raid

    – Trump’s lawyers tell him Jack Smith is indicting him

    – Trump is going to prison

    – It’s still only 8:25pm

  3. I remember when the West used to condemn Russia's totalitarian system. Now we are far more repressive.

  4. This is Pat Loller a vet, he was a combat medic that's suffered the cost of war. Now Pat is dependent on the minuscule social services this country allows the disabled service members. They put insane restrictions on disabled people such as. you arent allowed any source of income and you aren't allowed to keep more than a few thousand dollars in the bank, so you are basically surviving on a shoestring budget from month to month.

    Now thanks to the Republican lead house holding these benefits hostage, and trying desperately to cut them, people like Pat have to constantly worry about how they are going to survive.

  5. Funny none works in bidens stuff all on vacation why is this

  6. Too bad The Holman Bill would.notnwork at this point…which could defund many in each group that are.not.doing their jobs and refusing to uphold the law. God bless us all❤

  7. The sad part is that 90% or more of college instructors are socialist or communist!! I’m getting my bright red and intelligence and I’ve got this one government class and my teacher is so won’t it’s not funny. Most of the time I just do my work but when I have a paper I’ll tell the truth and normally I would get an a minus or a B+ and with her I’ve gotten 75 and a couple of my posts I’ve gotten 90% and one of them I got 100% but it just depends on the topic. I’m not going to tiptoe around anything but usually what I’ll do is find an article in the newspaper or magazine, and usually just right about that so I don’t have to use my own views. I wish our country with outlaw and actually make communism and socialism illegal, but people can talk about it. It’s a Wish, because we have free speech, but as far as the political parties themselves should be outlawed.

  8. You should not be lying to people
    I am an ASE Certified mechanic for over 40 years. No scanner will tell you exactly what is wrong. It will only tell what system to test. If it said you have a misfire. Is it spark plugs,wires,coil, crank sensor,cam sensor, low Compression or vacuum leak. And this is only from the ignition system.

  9. They are a bunch of cultural Marxism and others are democrat socialist which differ from social Democrats because social Democrats are the type of social is that one welfare state but democrat socialist or totalitarian type of countries are resume similar to that in Germany in the 1930s and 1940s!

  10. Biden has sold the USA out….

  11. Let Kevin McChicken, BoeButt, Matt Get-Sum & Marginalize Greene default US. All will be infamous & OUT. Anti-government Congress Cons love to shut US. Infamy McChicken in history. WOKE- new derogatory term used by Cons, Haters, Authoritarians, Racists (CHAR). CHAR the earth

  12. 5:00 are they using the back doors that were purposely put into systems?

  13. They are bringing in communism. They are teaching kids communism but under a new quise in schools

  14. biden and his administration are WOKE, they hate america. keep your children close, this administrtion has no respect for parents and children. impeach biden now.

  15. I wonder how people sense any difference in democrats and repubcrats, look how they unanimously sent 100s of billions in Ukraine, what’s the 31 trillion debt for?War in Iraq, lebanon…,,,laughably Afghanistan…They creating their income!What is happening to our day to day life? Ever noticed how they cut ur health insurance coverage despite raising the premiums significantly?Do they talk about it,No and it’s not their agenda!

  16. Does that mean republicans are sleeping authoritarian anarchists? Hmmm, there might be a point….

  17. look at the past, and you will see the future

    there is a reason everyone keeps mentioning Reagan right now

  18. this is planned, they did it before in the 1980s

    Jimmy Carter ( democrat ) let them in 1977-1980

    Ronald Reagan ( republican ) let them stay, immigration act 1986

    Joe Biden ( democrat ) let them in 2021 2025

    Donald Trump ( republican ) will let them stay, immigration act of 2026


  20. ' ! 🐀 ! O'Biden & Demo-Rats of Destruction working Hard for Human Trafficking, Population Control & Socialist Takeover ' ! ' ! ❤️ ! " Responsibility Matters for ALL Lives " ! 🇺🇸 ! '

  21. Fetterman XiPing 2024 it is a no-brainer.

  22. Biden sent the IRS after Mac Issac to. Where's the Whistle Blower Protection? Hunter is trying to sue him for turning over his Laptop to the FBI and Gulliani.


  24. When is the senate and congress going to do with the Democratic Party and the so called president FBI CIA all the government agencies that are doing all this crap
    You all said when we took over the house y’all would fix this crap

  25. Stop on the Bernie issue. He's NOT a good example because he's a democratic socialist and he had and still has a lot of support. Just sounds ignorant even though I agree with what's happening. Find a smarter example. This ain't it.

  26. Why are we allowing this to happen in our government. The people’s Government

  27. The demise of the dems is on display, carry on and make it easy for Americans to believe their eyes and ears!

  28. Biden and his administration are the most corrupt politicians we've had in office ever.time to prosecute and convict. And make them pay for everything they have done to this country of ours. FJB and administration…..

  29. the senate won't lift a finger. and the DOJ is the enforcement arm, they'll do absolutely nothing

  30. Kudos for che what a statesmen

  31. Woke cancel culture republicans are destroying this nation.

  32. Yep. Germany 1930’s.

  33. The democrats are down right communist and Nancy Pelosi is still strong arming them!!
    Chuck Schumer should be removed after threatening SCOTUS!!
    All the agencies are in on the corruption brought to us by Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden!!
    Bernie Sanders has no place in American government!!
    Joe Biden is China’s biggest weapon against America!!

  34. Fic*off fox and cowards

  35. Leaning? Leaning toward Socialism? I got news for you pal, United States is already socialist and fascist in many regards. We have socialized medicine, we have socialized retirement… Ever your Social Security? We have socialized education from kindergarten right through college. We have government subsidies for food drug companies automotive companies“renewable“ energy companies. When you have subsidies with Vinny rules attached you have a de facto government partnership with big corporations which is economic fascism. Snap out of it most people agree with these principles without even knowing it. So we aren’t leaning toward Socialism we are already in it!

  36. Government is being weaponized against citizens. This is tyranny. This is the Democrat party. The Founders of our Constitution warned us about this. Stop voting for this people!

  37. Whaoou, the federal government held back a Refund on the government Snitch? Whaoou.. amazing😨😨😨

  38. The GOP cannot budge