Wednesday , August 10 2022

This was Biden's biggest inflation driver: GOP congressman

House Ways and Means Committee ranking member Rep. Kevin Brady pushes back on the president’s gas plan, telling ‘The Evening Edit’ it will further ‘crush’ the American people. #foxbusiness #theeveningedit

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  2. Believe me he will reverse all the executive orders and all these stupid democrats will fall back in love with him again.


  4. Biden is so so arrogant. A total old, dementia, senile, corrupt man that is out of touch reality. He must resign bf he wipes us all out.

  5. In general the American people don't have alot of savings so saying Bidens policy is wiping out savings is overplaying your hand. I do agree his policies are horrible!

  6. Biden is senile old man that know nothing what's going on in our country. Biden and Harris both need to resign. Biden administration worst ever destroying our country day by day. The administration thinks the American people are stupid not true .

  7. Biden is Putin's best allie by raising the price of oil so high even with the cut back of buying Russia oil Putin' is making a profit now Bidin what's to raise the price of coal

  8. Putting the cart before the horse

  9. Obiden is putting the cart before the horse

  10. Someone needs to pull a gaddafi on this clown

  11. Donald can Trump inflation.

    If you let him.

  12. Some politicians what an issue to argue about. Such as R v Wade; but what about our street insane violence; street livers; drug use; public education across the country; breaking down political monopoly. The US has lost control of there own constitution; it’s know being used as a weapon. The country has mass shootings; as a traveler don’t go to the USA!

  13. What's insulting is the Electoral College calls itself a College. They say birds of a feather flock together, so what this shows the intelligence of the College. And his Administration all the same flock as he is, I wonder if his IQ is over 60

  14. Fox News, let’s agree to disagree . It’s not only Biden that has to fix our country issues . It takes a lot of people and a lot of work . You can’t blame all on one person , it’s just not fair . We need to start from local , to state and to federal. Most of all we are forgetting the whole point of American life which is “Right to happiness” Lincoln ! We must focus on middle and lower class more then we have and take drastic measures to insure the future of younger Americans ! Stop sending aid to all over the world , our own American Citizens Need aid and now not in the near future! We are doomed if we continue on this path !

  15. Just when you think they cannot get more absurd, then it does. Does anyone have any control over this nonsense?? Obviously not

  16. Listen to pelosi, she sounds like a bumbling fool that she really is is!!🇺🇸

  17. Not really a proper response… smiling, wow at the hand of the people. This guy needs to be handled

  18. Biden isn't pushing America forward. Joe Biden is reversing it.

  19. VOTE BLUE NO MATTER WHO! What could possibly go wrong? THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!

  20. There was no discussion on sending 80 billion in tax payer dollars to Ukraine even though half of it was stolen by officials

  21. Granholm , the energy secretary is a joke as everything zz. Joe does… his entire presidency is a joke..

  22. Biden regime is going to collapse

  23. Just did a big infrastructure bill? Only 9% of that bill went to infrastructure. You guys really are in a Class of your own. You gut our energy independence and blame everyone and everything except YOU. It’s beyond pathetic. Just wait everyone, the economic collapse is inevitable.

  24. Let us get nuclear s.m.n.r and more oil for jobs and energy that's also green

  25. Biden, where is the Stimulus for the retired and Disabled?

  26. Joe Biden makes Jimmy Carter look like and awesome president Brandon is definitely the worst president ever

  27. All you poor people just remember if you don't vote red get ready to move out of wherever you're living and move into your cardboard box you think I'm joking the blue and find out where you end up then I'll be laughing because I'll still be in my house and you poor people will be in your cardboard box I'm not rich but I know how to save my money so if you want a better life you better vote red and I don't care what color you are or what you are because the left does not care about you once they win you will pay the price

  28. It never ceases to amaze me that Daria crossed from cartoon to real life and aged in real time.

  29. I am sure that when Idemocrats die and walk into hell, well Nancy and Joe might will be there to greet them.

  30. I'm sorry but bidens response was funny asf

  31. Stop all federal taxes on paychecks for 6 months to 1 year to help American families

  32. Stop all federal taxes for 1 year


  34. The blame game? Come on Man! you know it's you Brandon! you are so Corrupt! The World are just surprise why you still in Office. Look at the homeless in California.

  35. Do tju pres durt e kamt o Varreza masive

  36. When ole joe talks with that low voice, he sounds like a drunk

  37. Covid RELIEF money was used to give to groups to sue oil companies??? While people were FREAKING on how they were going to get by and THAT is what covid money went to………