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This will all be forgotten if we lose next Test: Stokes

England allrounder Ben Stokes reflects on his amazing fourth-innings century that led his side to a record-breaking run chase and kept the home side’s hopes of regaining the Ashes alive


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  1. Ben – this will not be forgotten, whatever happens hereafter.

  2. നിങ്ങളാണ് യഥാർത്ഥ ക്രിക്കറ്റ് ദൈവം കളിയോട് നൂറുശതമാനം കൂറുപുലർത്തുന്ന യഥാർത്ഥ ദൈവം

  3. Up there on the top shelf with Botham

  4. This guy is very focussed on the big picture. When he reached his hundred he did no celebration at all because he knew the match had to be won. Now he has led his team to victory but he hasn't forgotten that it won't count for much unless England win the series. That is why he is so successful and will continue to be.

    Even in the most dire of circumstances, when everyone else has given up, he seems to have a clear plan that works, most of the time. In the World Cup match against Sri Lanka, he played the same way and almost won the match for his team. Unfortunately his partner let him down, or it would have been another famous win.

  5. Ben stokes is greater than chutiya player tondolkar

  6. Just get the urn back! COME ON! World Cup and Ashes double!

  7. People forget the lad stuck it out and got 2 of 60 balls, hes a beast!

  8. What a sensational innings…speechless…long live Ben..love from India..

  9. Play for the Blackcaps

    Your a kiwi🇳🇿
    Your not from England🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  10. Your efforts will lift your team and ashes

  11. Ben Stokes is the best player in this English side both in Test and T20I he is a legend for his team Thanks Ben Stokes for playing beautifully and sacrificing his celebration for his team
    You are a hero for your team
    From England

  12. What is to do with Monty panesar in Cardiff?

  13. Bull*#$ y…you were out LBW…….and not given because of a stupid umpire mistake….. the English are so so pathetic and absurd to make this guy a hero

  14. The Rise of SIR BEN STOKES ❤️❤️❤️ he has done everything for England in just spam of only 2 Months!!!

  15. In England, first there was Isaac Newton, then there was Benjamin Stokes! It was so unreal, I almost went to the doctor to get myself checked!

  16. And some people think hardik pandya is better come on get life 😂 hardick is loser in front of stokes

  17. Could stokes do magic like world cup final, I am worrying 🙄

  18. Bhosdiwala….benchod umpire ne bacha liya

  19. Lion heart! Learn a thing or two dhoni n pandya

  20. How Are u Posting this vedio i am Very shocked.😐😐

  21. I think guy whom Stoke puchned last year also a fan of Stoke now

  22. You Will lose next test 100% ..but this will be remembered 👍 my bet is on Australia 100%

  23. Ben stokes is not going to save england like this again and again england still has very vulnerable batting line up.

  24. Leach did what Mark Wood couldn't!

  25. No my freind you are an exceptional.. .

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