This won't fix climate change: Expert

Copenhagen Consensus president Bjorn Lomborg explains the impact of the Democrats’ spending bill on the environment on ‘Kudlow.’ #FoxBusiness #kudlow

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  1. Why does it have to cost billions to save the planet? Follow the money.

  2. That's what happens when 'the man with the
    domesday-sign' comes to town and makes business…LOL

  3. Yeah, the climate change hoax. What a bunch of grifters.

  4. yet another scam just like throwing money at the homeless. All about the money to fund their self interests and prop up the solar and wind industry. What a joke!

  5. Don't mess with mother nature! It's not going to work!

  6. I'm glad that more and more people are waking up to GangGreen's SCAM.

  7. I squinted and thought this was Gordon Ramsay

  8. How much pollution has been done by wars and weapons produced by US? That’s the real problem of destabilizing climate! Including contributing to nuclear threats and threat to nuclear explosion in Ukraine?

  9. This is so stupid! We people on the earth can't change the climate!! It's the sun, the forest and oceans that's regulating the climate, we people have nothing to do with that, our CO² emissions has nothing to do with that. CO² rises AFTER the temperature rises, NOT BEFORE! Every REAL scientist says this! And all humans on earth is only responsible for 3,4% of ALL CO² in the atmosphere and that is nothing that the nature can't handle! It does!

  10. We just should do what the people did during the Medieval warming period – nothing. You cannot control natural cycles even though people want you to think we can and make money on the fools that believe it. The sky is falling!

  11. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but based on everything I've observed in my lifetime we are more than screwed. We do too much. Too much burning, too much trash, too much selfishness not enough cooperation, not enough care. Everyone for themselves.

  12. 415ppm or 0.0415% of C02 in the atmosphere is nothing but it makes plants grow. Listen to the co-founder of Green Peace, Patrick Moore.
    He'll straighten this out for you.

  13. Like I often say, remove the human / industrial aspect from the equation and you won't see any changes, the climate will continue to warm up, until it oeaks and we see the next ice age coming. The earth has seen 4 ice age over it's life spend. Because the left and climate activist refuse to understand that it's the CO2 stored in the ice and snow from the past the is released when the ice and glaciers are melting.

  14. The reason they voted for it was not the climate change but for financial change that is to change their bank account to include a few more zeros

  15. Here's a plan for the USA. USA military is the largest single expenditure of the USA government, and the largest single emitter of CO2. Cut the military in half, save enough money to provide every USA citizen with health care, and make a huge dent in USA CO2 emissions. Not only do you not have to spend a penny, you actually will save about USD $375 billion every year.

  16. The purpose of getting rid of fossils fuels is to leave our children 👧 children 👦! With a better world . The purpose of this news, is to scare everyone into going back to oil companies for help. Fracking, poisons the waters,just ask anyone living in fracking areas!

  17. Kinda looks like Gordon Ramsay

  18. Geoengineering is the CAUSE of climate change! WAKE UP SHEEP

  19. The key point is ACTUALLY to probe issues to find something to do stick on Biden. The GOP has turned into school kids. I also love the way this ‘Expert’ Talks, if Florida was powered by wind and solar for instance, no one their will have to pay anything at the pumps at $4.50 a gallon, they will pay the equivalent of .30 cents !

  20. A Trillion dollars into politions pockets. This has NOTHING to do with "Climate Climatic Robbery".

  21. NOT doing anything, will slow it and as other nations start following us, then we will see it!

  22. You can't buy climate and you can't fix stupid!!!

  23. These idiots think they are going to stop the force of the Sun and the earths wrath of erupting Volcano's which increases the earths temperatures with gases into the atmosphere plus increasing the oceans water temps causing the melting of the polar caps! Plus the earths axis has tilted slightly causing some more warming of the earth ! Money and controlling the American people is what this Bill is all about forcing the Socialist agenda!

  24. Why aren't we just simply making cars that get 50+ mpg ? I know personally we've had that technology in the 70's. Again it's all about money and power and nothing about just plain good old common sense