Wednesday , January 27 2021
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Thousands of grocery delivery workers plan to strike for better protection | NBC Nightly News

An estimated 15,000 Instacart gig workers, who shop for and deliver online orders, are calling for the company to better protect them during the coronavirus pandemic. Workers, who are on the front lines in the coronavirus pandemic, are demanding personal protective equipment, hazard pay and a change in the default tip on orders.
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Thousands of grocery delivery workers plan to strike for better protection | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and plexiglass will not protect workers. If an infected person comes into a store, they will breath and talk and possibly fling coronavirus droplets your way. Many customers come within 2 feet of you. Plexiglass is too small to block them or customers talk to you to the side of it. Virus laden spit will be on your mask, face, skin, hair, arms, gloves. It will possibly be on everything they touched in their cart that you have to now ring up. It can transfer to you. Then, because the belt will not be cleaned between customers, coronavirus can contaminate the next person's groceries.
    I have seen people in my line whose hands are brown with dirt. They havent washed in a week. Then they hand me money which is the next persons change and goes into their wallet or pocket!

  2. 200 bonus?
    1 million dollars on a missile

  3. Oh ok, this is why it's the first of the month, my cart online is full, I'm running out of food of 5hings I could even get that weren't high price items and No scheduled Delivery is Available for today, tomorrow or who knows god WHEN!

    Wear a hazmat suit, Bring Me My Food !

  4. i get it hold out for extra money that will keep me from getting sick, good lord okay all front line folks lets hold up america for more money greedy as we are we wont get sick then jeez, america has lost its soul over the years, protective equipment when it becomes available to you yeah i agree however it kinda short right now china makes it we dont have any business left in the us that makes stuff thats the govt fault okay got to blame someone oh wait 3m left the usa long time ago so who was in office then obummer hmmm

  5. There is a saying "No tip, No Trip" and more drivers need to practice it!

    Drivers in my area have no problem getting $15 for 30 minutes and 1-5 miles right now. Sometimes more. Even small orders that take around 15 minutes on average for $7 still net more than $20/hr after expenses. This is a pre-coronavirus. Also, keep in mind I live in an area with a very low cost of living.

    The only reason I don't spend more time delivering food is that stores are crowded with people not respecting social distancing or showing a modicum of common sense when it comes to handling food items.

    Grocery stores are just not safe most days. Whole families still shopping together,

    I have health issues and I live with someone who has a compromised immune system who is also a gig worker. We deliver from restaurants primarily as the number of people we are exposed to is significantly less. I'd say an average 4 hours shift I come within arms reach of about 7 or 8 people.

    Tuesday I will scope out the grocery stores and see how many people are in the stores before deciding to take grocery deliveries. If I do deliver groceries and I accept an order and arrive at a store where there are too many people to keep my exposure within reason I will reassign the order. I do the same thing for restaurant delivery if they are not enforcing social distancing or have, in my opinion, unsafe food packaging or food-handling procedures.

    In the end, it is the customer who is going to pay, whether it is through fees or tips. Tipping has been a fact of life for a number of years. Just about every business that tried “all-inclusive” models that I’ve read about went back to tipping because they could not keep non-tipped employees when they made significantly less than tipped employees.

    Don’t like it tipping? Go brave the crowds and exposure and get it yourself.

    What do I want from these gig companies? Buy some gloves, sanitizer, & masks and make them available to us free or at cost. Make no-contact deliveries mandatory.

    What I’d like to see is retailers enforce some common sense that people don’t seem to have. I see people still dragging their kids around the stores and handling everything. If you don’t intend to buy it don’t touch it. People are standing shoulder to shoulder and sometimes closer trying to grab items off the shelf.

    Most of these retailers are set up for online ordering and pickup. Stop customers from entering the store and reduce employee exposure with curbside delivery. Only allow store employees and delivery drivers to do the shopping.
    That would drastically limit exposure to employees and customers.

  6. Grocery workers are in the trenches and have far more dangerous jobs than first responders.

  7. Using a pandemic as a bargaining chip, why not right? Congress did it with the $2 Trillion stimulus.

  8. Looks like a lot of jobs are about to open up. We've just signed up for instacart.

  9. What if they were given the option to resign, then be rehired once WUHAN flu ends?
    I'm sure the "raise request" would go away. Safety is key, but at least be happy you're WORKING!…..or resign

  10. If I was doing that I'd want one of them Bio suits like they got in the Movies!

  11. Akl about money for the silly kids most of us cant even work.

  12. strike ? I am sure the mexicans would love to have these jobs, virus or no virus.

  13. This is a crock!!! Working for Instacart (actually with because we’re subcontractors) is a choice that you make. They have tried to be proactive in implementing leave at the door options on the app and have emphasized health safety via various emails, etc…Anyone who feels like they should do more than they do should simply address said concerns with them (although I know that can be difficult). But to compromise the ability for millions of people to receive basic goods because of a gripe that you have over money (because that’s what this boils down to) is ridiculous. I’m an Instacart shopper and that’s a choice that I’ve made. I understand that that comes with a set of compromises/risks and I’ve made the calculated decision to choose this type of work over a more traditional one. I understand that I am not an employee of Instacart and they are under no obligation to provide me with anything so if I have issues around personal safety I act accordingly and protect myself. So please, if you are going to place orders with Instacart continue to do so. And if you are so lead then give extra in the way of tips (if you’re not then don’t). But it gets old seeing people trying to exploit situations especially when they knew going in what they were signing up for. WE ARE NOT INSTACART EMPLOYEES people, they don’t owe us anything but what we agreed to when we signed the contractors agreement. Stop going to the media in an attempt to make them look bad. Ultimately you’re only going to screw your self when people stop using the app because of the black eye that you gave it.

  14. cant find a mask? MAKE ONE!! all sorts of DIY mask videos on yt; heres one…get a bandana several layers thick put several layers of paper towel or even basket coffee filters inside it; pin them together; tie it on! cant find gloves? go to a dollar store and get kitchen gloves!! keep your job just improvise for PPEs…


  16. Should have just got those part-time hours at a real company. Then you could sue for better conditions. It's how the game works. FYI, they still don't provide those protections to pizza delivery drivers so good luck and we are the legal eagles of the delivery game. It took social media posts just to get an extra shipment of food service gloves.

  17. So they want masks and hand sanitizers but doctors, first responders, and nurses don’t have them? Let me tell you how this will play out. Instacart will make few changes and once this blows over they will get rid of most of these people left and right.

  18. Affordable Housing maintenance and cleaners feel the same way about working in unsafe environment. Without safety gear Seattle washington
    They are putting tenants and us at risks

  19. I find it hard to believe people will really respect the "distance rule" that some places put in place I've been in stores and all aisles are compact and claustrophobic family dollar, dollar General and Walgreens

  20. The whole world needs to go on strike 😠😷

  21. If you make more they will just charge more. You cant win. If you strike you will be replaced. Its is designed that way. "If I make my employees rich, they wont come back to work"

  22. You want to work? Fine. You too scared to work? Quit. I'm a semi driver, you don't see me whining about it.

  23. gig worker demanding rights? lmao.

  24. Defense production act a good leader would bring in the army to protect Citizens in every aspect of a pandemic .

  25. Our essential care workers need to be tested they are our lifeline,we need to be theirs.

  26. Those people who are feeding America deserve better.

  27. This is why democrats insisted OSHA get involved,see last bill.

  28. The less people we are around the better .

  29. FYI Healthcare workers are not getting hazard pay…Can you all imagine if we strike? We are running out of PPE and I have not heard of anyone complaining of hazard pay.
    Come on lay them all off and let them apply for unemployment if they want to complain. Kroger, meijer, target and other grocery stores are open along with restaurants. We will survive without this company.

  30. All gig delivery drivers should get bonuses they're helping resteraunts stay alive. Most these places couldn't stand us a month ago. Without delivery these places wouldn't be able to stay opened and the unemployment rate would be much higher.

  31. They should quit and apply for nurses in hospitals and get 100 dollars

  32. Looks like instant cart will be hireing. If you don't like your job get a different one. If you don't feel safe at your job get another one. I'm tired of everyone with there hand out. Hazard pay lol get in line behind the doctors and nurses.

  33. That is on them. If it is rainy and muddy they provide their own rubber boots if they need or want them.

  34. The large chain Grocery Workers, hq based in Florida, are being denied the choice to wear protective gear so as to not alarm the customers! They are being sacrificed for closets full of TP and junk food! Help them stop this atrocity now!

  35. This is totally fine. If a worker wants to quit, let them. However, before anyone quits their job, they should consider the consequences they'll face for making a decision because of unreasonable fears. You can, if you want, work during this. You will need to work smarter and maybe harder, but you can if you want to. Most of the lessons I've learned as an American come from the interactions I've had with teachers, my working parents and brothers, our men and women in uniform, doctors, lawyers, and many other people without fancy jobs. Just regular hard working (really hard working) people who are smart and have lived up to things, and who have stood up for things, including themselves. None of those people, the people who made me who I am, would ever tell me to quit my job without having another one lined up. These are uncertain times, undoubtedly, but DO NOT GIVE UP on the American Dream. The ability to work and actually take home your money, with the understanding that if you truly focus on making good decisions, even in the worst of circumstances, that YOU TOO have the power to realize your rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

  36. Medical workers can't get protective equipment…good luck tho…sad times.

  37. But all the uber/Door dash/instacart drivers have to do is wear Masks & gloves & keep lysol & bleach spray/wipes theyd be ok….this is a time thay dashers/instacart drivers are making REALLY REALLY REALLY GOOD MONEY. I mean REALLY GOOD…its kinda dumb on a money making side of things for them imho💁

  38. To strike now is the epitimoe of selfishness. Amazon should auto increase wages.

  39. STRIKE IN THESE TIMEs? WRONG MOVE…. other people don't have a job

  40. Well if you don't want to help your fellow man quit your job someone else would love to have it. you working so you got money so go buy yourself some gloves and a mask if you feel you need some or just wash your hands don't put your hands on your face I volunteer at the food bank and I don't why when I have to help them just be sensible where some rubber gloves if you think you need a mask or one of those I love helping my fellow man

  41. Reusable bags are a no no right now guys. As a matter of fact, many cities are lifting bag bans because of the virus.

  42. Trust me I'm in a labor union when you're asking for the safety equipment for your own health you're on point but the minute you ask for a little more money you have no leg to stand on with the public. You can't make it about Public Safety but then make it about a raise. It's like child support and child custody they're not the same thing

  43. If your 13 year old daughter gets it she won’t even have any symptoms.

  44. If they have a robot delivery system that would be great like a Google car.ect drone delivery system for all places. Right?

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