Thousands of mourners expected at Tyre Nichols’ funeral in Memphis

Tyre Nichols’ funeral is expected to bring thousands of mourners to Memphis, including Vice President Harris, just days after the release of graphic video showing the brutal beating that led to his death. NBC News’ Ellison Barber explains what to expect from the service and how the city is preparing. 

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  1. Tyre was banging one of the cops baby mamas the cop sent a pic of the beaten man to the baby mama afterward sux 4 other Django’s had to lose their life’s over a vagina😅 also cali don’t forget native Americans who were in America first when your handing out to the blacks 😅

  2. There were not thousands of people there. Pews were empty.

  3. How dare you use this Poor Man's Family as PROPAGANDA Against the Police Officer of America…their are Millions of interactions with Civilians and Police Officers, but you will take the Actions of FIVE THUG COPS and Ignore what's going on Around the Country….why aren't you all in CHICAGO EVERYDAY…BLACKS ON COPS..BLACK ON BLACKS MAKE UP A MAJORITY OF KILLING…BUT THAT DOESN'T FIT YOUR NARRATIVE…

  4. Negro's need to comply with law enforcement not fight or try to run

  5. these people never learn.

  6. Is it just me or america just cares about petite white women and black men dying 😅


  8. Don't no why this isn't first degree murder. They killed innocent individual for no reason valid . Shaking my head. 🇺🇲🚨🚓👎

  9. do people ever notice that ever time a black person has a funeral that al sharpton always shows up and opens his big mouth and says something.

  10. It'll be a very Democrat kinda of funeral for sure. Political bull.

  11. We need Senate to approve the (2021) George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. I pray this is done before the 3rd roll call before the two year mark since the last roll call March 9, 2021. It’s time to codify this act. RIP Tyre Nichols. Say his name. We’ll forever remember the loud and silent screams. Your life was not in vain. Work will continue through your legacy and life. Condolences to the entire family and friends. MarleneTucker

  12. Tragic thing that happened to him and allowing politicians to use his funeral for their political agenda is very wrong.

  13. This was revenge, toxic male masculinity. those officers used their position and powers as officers of the state to apply deadly force.

  14. Died surrounded by thug cops.

    Put to rest surrounded by thug race hustlers and corrupt politicians.

    RIP Tyre.

  15. When will they address black on black crime ?? This has nothing to do with policing. This is about how blacks treat other blacks. We see it daily across the country and yet no politicians ever visit those funerals. Why is that ???

  16. It would be great if all of this attention was also directed at the innocent victims of black-on-black violence. Or when a white person is killed by police. Or when a Hispanic person is killed by police. Or when an Asian person is killed by police. BUT NO. ONLY when a Black man is killed by Police do we see Kamala Harris and Rev. Al show up at the funeral. Pathetic.

  17. What happened to Tyre was horrific and traumatic but let's stop calling for De-Funding of the Police. Image turning the streets into Chicago or LA where the criminals do much worse. It was 5 bad eggs, not the whole carton. 😕✌

  18. Wow this story is almost becoming as big as the bombshell Project Veritas video with the Pfizer director that was censored by YouTube

  19. What a spectacle😒 wow such a tragedy that these same people show up here playing politics and entertainment. Why don't they have this for allllll of us that have been attacked by vigilante police. 80 yr old white lady, cuffed and arm broke, mental disability, also G Floyd's main problem and several white mentality disabled. Beating down homeless cuz they know they have no one to stand up for them… where's the riots, drum players, politicians and singers? Good grief talk about racist…

  20. When they can strike at the very heart of our youth without fear of reproach or consequence, we are doomed.

  21. Worst thing, a baby boy has lost his father 😢

  22. I will take the peoples comments that tyre was good guy at face value but why did he run from 5 black cops?

  23. Ok black people. All we have to do is wait for the next killing of a black man because tyre Nichols. Is going to be old news. In two weeks

  24. This boy should have listened and obeyed orders from the police. He was a thug.

  25. Sorry, but like George Floyd, we a making heroes out of zeros. Yes, they didn't deserve to die. I get that. But were they innocent victims who were attacked by the police or were they resisting arrest and assaulted the officers?

  26. My heart is broken for his family. Am so saddened. RIP MY BROTHER.

  27. Good thing that race baiting, hearse chasing pos Al Sharpton is gonna be there

  28. Oh oh the pain of the mother and the family and the God make them a strong tower in the times of sorrow

  29. ROMANS CHAPTER 13👈👈👈👈👈

  30. REV🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Sharpton 67 accounts of tax invasion, fraud . Little crook only shows up to line his pocket book. Gotta say he is the biggest little Rev crook in history. And black support The Fake Rev. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  31. Sorry Al (Shake down) Sharpton but you're getting too old and slow to play the early bird game or maybe you have a percentage angle figured out but the family already has a lotto lawyer in place. Little more is needed from you…

  32. Just heartbreaking so sad prayers for the family ❤️🙏❤️🙏

  33. My hearts breaks for this family. I don’t know them but this has truly touched my heart. Rip Tyre🙏🏽❤️

  34. 😢😢😢 REST IN POWER TYRE PEACE ✌️✌️ to everyone in TN