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Thousands Protest Over Kashmir On Streets Of London | NBC News

The crowd was protesting India’s decision to revoke Kashmir’s special status and impose a communications blackout. Some protesters scuffled with police, and four were arrested.
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Thousands Protest Over Kashmir On Streets Of London | NBC News


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  1. These are the same people who demand sharia In Britain.

  2. Soon they will be doing the same for partition of Britain. Islamic state of Britainistan.

  3. 😀 hahahaha rote raho…All they know is to snatching someone else bread and butter coz they don't know how to earn and buy. Gadhe pe ghoomne layak he ho tum log

  4. Free Tommy, he will take care of these child grooming gangs

  5. Kashmir bany ga Pakistan Inshallah

  6. kick jihadis out of uk brits before its too late
    once they become majority they will claim uk too
    after that shariah law etc etc …

    bc kashmir humara tha hai aur rahega agar aukat hai toh bhejo tumari kinnar porki fauj porkistan yaad rakho jo zameen pr reh rahe ho woh bhi hindustan tha 1947 se pehle zyada lalach karoge toh 71 dohra denghe

  7. Pakistan ki ma ka bhosdaa

  8. We want plebiscite in Kashmir.

    Even Kashmiri people don't want to live with Hindus… Lift Curfew from Kashmir.

    Stop genocide of Kashmiri people.

    Don't repeat the history of Khalistan and Gujarat.

    Modi is a Butcher.

    Bharat Maata is a Terror Maata (mother).
    RSS is a terrorist organization.

    Kashmir is the Integral Part of Pakistan.

  9. Wow best of luck London …rip😁😁😁😁😁😁

  10. Kashmir is under house arrest!
    Stand up for Kashmir

  11. Not happening, loser kashmiris can f off to pakistan if they love it so much.

  12. Very entertaining VIDEO 😂😂😂after long time , PAKISTANIS are CRYING, THANKS to MODIji🤣🤣🤣🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳👏👏👏

  13. modi is number 1terrorist in south asia.we want to free kashmir,,, love & wish for jammu kashmir from bangladesh,,,

  14. #Freedom to kashmir from Hindu occupied India 👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊

  15. Indian army is terrorist…

  16. Go and fight in INDIA not here [sorry forgot the benefits]

  17. Kashmiris should be allowed to live peacefully in their land free from India and free from Pakistan
    They deserve independence .
    This is just like India’s independence struggle before 1947

  18. Indians should open their eyes. See the world not there fake media.


  20. It's our internal matters, we do not required anyone support..we know how to handle…so get lost please

  21. Ok I see how it works now. Anyone fancy coming to Pakistan next week to protest over England student fees? When will this lot get the message that we don't want them. Even their own country don't want them.

  22. Kashmir india ka hai, jinko nhi rehna woh pakistan chale jaaye

  23. Indion army is killing kashmires Brothers we pray for kashmires.jannat na kbi kesi kafir KO mile hay na milay GI inshaAllah.kutay ke naslo.

  24. This is what you get for taking in all those Pakistanis 😂😂😂

  25. This video explained the Kashmir complect.on one side kashmiris & Pakistanes vs hindo Indians in the bottom British ho created all this mess

  26. and the UK national anthem be GOD SAVE the QURAN..

  27. UK people see and take the example of Poland people..

  28. ভারতের কোপালে জুতার বাড়ি👣 👣 👣 👣 👣 👣

  29. So the video starts with Pakistan Zindabad….. lol… even Amish people are more educated and modern than these breed of baboons.
    @Scotland yard… you have your future mass killer in this group.

  30. second hitler. modi kuta

  31. This protest was a necessary Thank You London London s mans

  32. They have lived there for several generations. This land belongs to them. It is the land of Kashmiris and it is their right to remain free.You need to respect the minorities so that they stay with you.

  33. India has two faces on one side speaks of peace on the other side Hindus are killing Muslims Sikhs and Christians in India

  34. We did a smaller one in our local area, not as crazy but very very nice people came 🙂

  35. 30 year later England become European Syria ..all the best England..yr libral policy for citizenship is the reason for this

  36. In 1995 people of Quebec Canada were given referendum and mater was decided that pro-independents lost by only 0.59% and mater was decided. People of Kashmir are asking for the same right. Everything else is BS of hindu fascism and rise of hitler in the asia. European need to solve this problem now or more people will move to their former colonial power countries.
    Indians should be the last one to treat their colony the way they treated Kashmir because that is how British treated them.

  37. Even bear grylls admitted that modi is the best person for india and peace of world. Requesting British government to throw pakistanis out of their Country..
    Don't forget. Pakistan is the country who gave shelter to osama bin laden, hafiz saeed, al jawaahiri, masood azhar with complete protection. #ShamePakistan

  38. They will make UK a Islamic countries soon provided you send them back where they belong

  39. Pakistan persecutes Christians, Hindus, Sikhs for not being Muslim

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