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Thousands show up to funeral in Florida for veteran with no family

Word spread about the service for Edward Pearson, 80, of Naples, via social media and the media.



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  1. RIP, brave soldier. You DO have a family – us.


  3. To all the veterans who are serving right now and to all the veterans who are not longer serving thank you for you're service
    And to that wonderful man Sr may you RIP ⚰ you might have not had blood family in this earth by you're side but all of us people who are watching this right now and have giving a like to you're story plus all the strangers who went to you're funeral that family all the family you can ever need 😘❤

  4. Those 31 people who down voted this video need to find a heart because you clearly don’t have one.

  5. And sometimes I'm damn proud to be an American.

  6. Too bad they don’t show up and vote against war mongering assholes at the polls but it’s nice that they show up to the funeral of the children that they get killed with the neo conservative Neo liberal war mongering it’s so nice of them. And as long as their children don’t have to go to the war they are find with voting yours into it to go fight other poor people…!

  7. I wonder if the turnout would've been the same if he wasn't a vet

  8. Just when I lose faith,this people give me hope in humanity❤

  9. I wonder how many neighbors cared for him while he was still ALIVE ?
    Hopefully this funeral brought awareness to the fact that a lot of veterans don’t have family ! And that people will friend them while they’re still with us.

  10. Floridians are really a different kind of people. True patriots live there, surely because Texas is so close. I’m glad to be SoFlo born, if there is a God, then God bless this man, all those people, and the United States of America.

  11. He probably didn't have any family because he was a scum bag!!

  12. An example of love in action.

  13. Typical patriot propaganda for the sheeple!

  14. Aww. They were wonderful people God bless them. I pray that the Vet rest in peace.

  15. But no one cares when he is alive.

  16. This is so beautiful. Yes, this is so sad. This is America!!!! You and me caring about one another.

  17. So no funeral for that one junkie without a family across the street from me that overdose, but a veteran yeah?

  18. Like ABC gives a shit about our Vet's.

  19. If only they came to see him before! He doesn’t know that this is happening…

  20. He don’t need you now while he was alive it was then you should have bothered to help and be a friend so spare me your fake-ness

  21. Bless you,Edward Pearson!The highest honor unto you.May you forever dwell in a paradise of blissful peace and unconditional love ! Where there is no pain and sorrow, the light always shines and the rainbows never die.

  22. If just a few of these people turn around and do something for people that have no family while they are still alive, his life will be a damned well lived one.

  23. Didn’t think I was going to cry today😢😢❤️❤️

  24. As soon as we do this for the heroin addicted homeless guy who did too much one night and overdosed.

    Then we will be good. For now, we're just sheep following shepards.

  25. Rest easy old man you in a better place now😔

  26. He was a good man. He had a good life.

  27. Better if they all showed up the day before he died.

  28. I wish people would respond the same way to vets that are alive and need help to stay living.

    This is just more pomp and circumstance to help continue the bloodletting. What's the difference between a dead and gone former gangster for capitalism and a 30 something former gangster for capitalism? One of them still needs you to fight for him.

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