Saturday , October 16 2021
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Three Killed, Dozens Injured in Amtrak Train Derailment

An Amtrak train with 141 people and 16 crew members derailed near Joplin, Montana. Three died in the incident, and dozens more were injured. Federal investigators are on scene to determine what went wrong. » Subscribe to NBC News:
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Three Killed, Dozens Injured in Amtrak Train Derailment


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  1. Two words Infrastructure Bill!! Japan rail system is top of the line. The US have its priorities messed up!

  2. This was the Empire Builder I'm thinking?

  3. Omg we need to shut down all rails everyone of them call China and let them know we have to shut down trains because one went off rails just like covid need a world shut down

  4. Was that on Montana rail Link track?
    Or BNSF?

  5. Yeah it sucks that most stuff get looked at or inspected after an accident.

  6. So it’s Sunday, the 26th of September 21.

    No coverage of the executed humans in Afghanistan, no coverage of the mounting evidence that the virus was man made and knowingly released into the world, no coverage on the President’s son, no coverage that the DelRio underpass victims were injected into Southern Texas population without being vaccinated.. so what’s going on??

  7. I wonder if the ground has become uneven due to fracking. There are around 9,200 oil and natural producing gas wells in Montana. If the ground becomes unstable or compromised, that could cause the tracks to shift. Shifting could cause a derailment.

  8. We should have a bullet train 🚅 going across the USA by now. The other countries have it like Japan and is regularly used and effective.

  9. \ World Jerusalema Rules Save Life ///
    Distancing Steps In Virus-Free-Spaces Win!
    Steady-State, Virus Thermodynamics.
    [160, booklets, issuu, 300 at youtube]
    Answer Not a Fool According to his Folly lest thou also be like unto Him

  10. Trump supporters will pay for this! In blood!

  11. Since January of last year, 41 shunts have been placed on the Bellingham tracks, with the BNSF police and the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force working together on the case.

    Last November, former Washington state Democratic organizer Ellen Reiche, 28, was one of two people charged in the terrorist attack seeking to derail trains in the coastal city of Bellingham.

    Reiche and Brooks, 24, were hit with [tearism] charges for placing a "shunt" on railroad tracks right before a crude oil-shuttling train was scheduled to travel the tracks.

    The pair were caught trespassing in surveillance video and detained by Whatcom sheriff’s deputies, who discovered the shunt in the tracks and saw that Reiche was carrying a paper bag containing gloves, a drill, magnetic adhesive, and other items that would be used to install a shunt.

    According to the affidavit, claims of responsibility for the domestic [tear]ism attack circulated around the Antifa website itsgoingdown

    A post on the website encouraged further attacks to disrupt the building of the Canadian Coastal GasLink Pipeline, saying the attacks were done in solidarity with Canadian Native American tribes that are looking to "fight against colonial invasion."

  12. The best thing you can do to protect yourself from a train derailment is to get vaccinated.

    Joe Biden

  13. I didn't mean for this to happen. I was just trying to flatten a quarter 😢

  14. Old ..use speed rails modern and efficiant

  15. Remember how the President Praised Amtrak use? Yeah we watching things get worse…Hebrew Up!

  16. Chaos seems to mostly be on purpose these days

  17. So sad. I hope no conservative US citizens were hurt:(

  18. So am I the only one that's thinking this might have been terrorism?

  19. This happened too much for amtrak and they need to be gone out of business forever

  20. The USA should at least attempt to look like a world class country, instead of the Third World country it really is. Look at that dirty, worn out train, then go to videos that show the beautiful high speed trains in France, Germany, India, China, S. Korea, Japan, not to mention the Eurostar that runs through about 5 European countries, and there are others. God help us!

  21. Time to upgrade… Too many derailments.

  22. Track conditions is results for crash

  23. If Only we had an Infrastructure Package going through Congress.

  24. Could someone have put something on the track like a 2 x 4?

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