Three-year-old sells homegrown eggs amid price surge

With the average price for a dozen eggs doubling in the last year, NBC’s Sam Brock has the story of one savvy toddler who has turned her daily chicken chores into a business.

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  1. Momma, save 1K and then co-sign a ROTH-IRA under her name. Set it and forget it, add if you desire❤. She’ll thank you long term when she’s 50 and a millionaire tax free❤️❤️❤️

  2. What a great mom helping her child be a successful person!!! Yay!!! More! More!

  3. The eggs come packed with love!

  4. She pimping out the hens and the roosters for her own gain

  5. This is sweet and all, but let's see a little kid from the hood doing this. Something we can relate to.

  6. In just a couple year she could be hired to clean some meat packing plants, keep working little kid

  7. Homeland security will be there soon

  8. Eggs wouldn't be expensive if the government didn't only listen to corporate 🤷🏾‍♀️

  9. Nice! I just wish this establishment were near me because I definitely would buy all of my eggs there.

  10. Find out if she's in California. We can get her for a business license
    and health inspection certificates then collect some tax $$.
    OK, let me know. thanks Gov. Newsom

  11. Watch some Karen gonna get her shut down

  12. I wish nearly daily that we could keep chickens.🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗💋

  13. How many people has she poisoned with her uninspected illegal eggs?

  14. What you meant to say. The parents are selling eggs and using the kid as a gimmick!

  15. After this was made the twins next door drove their Big Wheels..update at 6

  16. FDA wants to know your location

  17. 2 sweet! She's a smart and hard working little young lady..continue to bless her!

  18. this is that grooming thing people keep talking about. first, you have to explain to kids what 'money' is and why they would even want it. this little girl is having her childhood stolen by her capitalist parents

  19. A democrat is on the way to ruin that child's day

  20. Cool. I’m teaching my 3 year old Calculus so she’ll be that kids’ owner in 2057.

  21. Then comes a Karen to report her to the authorities for not having a business license.

  22. Selling homegrown eggs without Government permit or oversight might land little girl in jail,here in Canada a farmer selling unpasteurized milk got him in trouble.

  23. My 103 year old neighbor sells eggs too

  24. Who would have thought the Biden administration would give kids such a great opportunity to learn about Capitalism! This is great.

  25. Does she have a license to sell eggs? If not she could be arrested. 🤪

  26. For lots of arguably dumb reasons, it's illegal in many places in the US. To sell eggs in FL requires a permit, separate washing, sanitizing, and cold storage (not your kitchen), inspections, and limits on the number of eggs you can sell. Even the words you can use are restricted.

  27. And now the feds are going to step in and seize / steal all her money and charge her with a horible crime so she's a convicted felon for life . Don't get me wrong I'm all for her egg buisiness. I've just seen what our greedy crooked government has done to people like her all too many times

  28. How lomg before Law Enforcement shows up and arrests her for selling eggs that aren't "approved" by the USDA

  29. Well I wouldnt be surprised if cops shuts her down, I mean 3 dollars a dozen she's under cutting the big companies.

  30. 👀 I’m not quite understanding this whole ‘egg-spensive’ pricing going on…$5 a dozen doesn’t seem like a lot of money for 12 eggs—what am I missing? A lot of Americans (including me) spend WAY MORE on fast food, movies, entertainment, & other B.S. in the streets.

  31. Same people crying about the price of eggs are the same people buying $8 Starbucks coffees every morning

  32. We do the same thing. We buy eggs from neighbors who raise chickens. I won't buy another store bought egg as long as I can get them locally.

  33. put that egg money somewhere safer than a bank good job

  34. I loved this story.Nice little girl.

  35. That kid drops sooo many eggs

  36. I have been saving egg cartons but don't know who could use them.

  37. I hope they arrest this criminal

  38. Well done young lady! Hard work pays.

  39. She's so CUTE. I'm so happy she gets to have this experience.

  40. A real live Henny Penny, adorable …she makes an Eggxellent Tycoon

  41. Where is insane Karen telling her she can't sell eggs without a license? Maybe Karen target only black people. What if a black Karen approached this innocent little girl and did the same thing? White people would be in an uproar?