Ticketmaster on trial

The ticketing giant is facing a new class action lawsuit from Taylor Swift fans accusing the company of fraud and price fixing. ABC News’ Derricke Dennis has the details. #taylorswift #music #ticketmaster #trial #fans #news #abc news

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. It’s just OUT OF CONTROL. Five THOUSAND DOLLARS per ticket, 😂

  2. Proves them right for what they did to suga twice and mamamoo tickets

  3. Break the company apart so there can be more competition and keep prices down ……… Bunch of greedy greedy turtles. 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  4. Ticketmaster and live nation must be stopped.

  5. Taylor Swift is so annoying and untalented

  6. Good – they sell expensive tickets for so many shows it’s not fair

  7. selling tickets for 5000 dollars is robbery, dynamic pricing is robbery, creating so called VIP tickets (like the ones for Beyoncé's upcoming tour: 5000 or 3000 dollars) that's robbery…BUT if crazy fans keep paying those prices it's their fault.

  8. Monopoly is never a good idea.

  9. We should do this for oxygen and fresh water

  10. Hope the JCole Dreamville patrons got scammed. Our neighborhood is destroyed for 2 days every year – so far twice – gets worse every year. Don’t know why he doesn’t do this in his home town of Fayetteville.

  11. The people who approve these mergers and monopolies need to be on Trial. Two useless, corrupt, bought and sold parties. Nothing will change until these clowns and their clown voters change.

  12. It's 2023 and they don't have anti bot features? That's a lame excuse.

  13. Very interesting information! I invite you and everyone watching our channels to unite and become friends! Let's give all people more love and happiness with our positive videos and music! I wish you all peace and goodness!

  14. कुछ अच्छा करने के लिए कुछ खोना भी पड़ता है।

  15. I can't even afford to go to a concert. I still listen to music on the radio. 😢

  16. CNN subs have been rigged again, they now stand at 14.9 million !! Yeah right.

  17. We watched the January 6th films on Fox News here in Britain. I have never been so sad, embarrassed, angry and disappointed with our the progressive globalist elites in the USA. '' 5 dead '' Merrick Garland should hang his head in utter shame. George Washington and George Orwell were right then, and are right now with our 1% English globalist elites that are trying to control the US. We working class English want nothing to do with our liberal elites. These narcissistic people ( if you can call them that ) absolutely hate us common folk . On behalf of my country, I sincerely apologize for the behaviour of my elitist liberal people in your country !! Everything with my people is about greed and regime change !!!! Weapons of mass destruction, yeah right. We are sick to death of these greedy globalist liberals of ours !!!!

  18. I wouldn't waste my money on Taylor Swift…shes not my cup of tea…
    I rather used the money for going to a good steak house or home renovations