Wednesday , January 27 2021
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Tiffany Trump makes the case for her father at the RNC | USA TODAY

Note: Inconsistent video quality from source.

Tiffany Trump delivers remarks at the second night of the Republican National Convention.

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  1. She has really come into her own. She knocked it out of the ballpark!

  2. Spoken like a typical shyster lawyer. How disgustingly sad.

  3. Make America Great Depression Again. Trump 2016!
    Keep America Great Depression. Trump 2020!
    Coal is coming back in a big way, baby! Soon you'll all have new jobs shoveling coal in a coal mine for 25 cents and hour….
    And you won't be dying from Coronavirus… Black Lung will get you first. Steam locomotives are due for a come back in a big way!|
    Dump Trump.

  4. Both of President Trump's daughters are both confident, highly intelligent and accomplished. They obviously have a very strong and loving bond with their father which speaks volumes about his character..

  5. If he built a thriving economy already….where is it? And why would I think he could do it if given a second chance?

  6. I thought Tiffany was the good one. She has to choose a side. If she choose to our side, my thoughts about her will be the same. But if she chooses her dad’s side, then I will have no problem treating her like the rest of her family and Trump supporters as villains and traitors.

  7. Vote no to fascism. Vote blue

  8. Tiffany made the case that Donald must be arrested for treason and prosecuted with death penalty.

  9. God Bless her….! America is not Racist…! It is time to DeFund Colleges….! Over Priced Indoctrination…..!

  10. I'm so happy my prayers and hopes for Tiffany Trump all developed. We are so very excited for your future Tiffany. You always have a seat at the Nobles table and award banquets in the Heavenly Father's Kingdom and Heavenly Mansions. From the daughter of Fallen Defense Intelligence Agent, Honor Guard West Point, Vietnam Theater.

  11. This is how you deliver a message.
    Not a blind supporter but recognize TT did good!

  12. Another one… the RNC looks like Night of the Living Dead, Trump style.

  13. They are literally wanna make America first#1 yall are being fooled by a satanic system. Wake up Americans

  14. What the fu** do they think mainstream media is? They ARE mainstream media!

    And it's funny how they're playing the victim and accusing the opposition of suppressing other opinions, while simultaneously demonizing the opposition and doing the exact same thing themselves! Astonishing hypocrisy!

  15. Come on now. Must be hard that her father never had a relationship with her until he was running for president. Reason being she weren’t pretty enough to be his daughter, must have been hard when he only calls her up to do things for him. So sad

  16. The Von Trump family are all embarrassing.

  17. First, these trumps miraculously change faces for more photogenic ones through cosmetic surgeries to correct their jaw lines, noses, and here and there.
    Then, why do they so desperately repeat the word "believe me/us"? Are they liars???!!!!!
    Last, such cheap, superficial lectures they all present.
    The world is not run by words. People need to hear solutions.

  18. Gotta keep that allowance coming

  19. oh lord. America the stupid. Land of the Fee and Home of the Slave.

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  21. Bloody hell. Is she made of plastic. One of the most artificial looking people I think I have ever seen.

  22. She is far more articulate than Kamala Harris and far nor coherent than Joe Biden

  23. There is no way that I am a Trump supporter without realizing it. It's funny that she talks about diversity of thought and freedom, but her father doesn't like the press and doesn't like free speech unless it flatters him. This is not a good speech. Trump is a fascist and he really needs to go.

  24. OMG has the entire family drunk from the same batch of Kool Aide? I expected more from this trump offspring at least she has a brain very sad!!

  25. She has a speech writer like the rest of the family. This is like a screentest for a B movie.

  26. This Barbie doll is fake and plastic and robotic, obviously has contempt for all things natural, not attractive one bit. That said lots of women in USA look like her.

  27. Incredible speech! Incredible woman! Vote Trump/Republican!

  28. OMG Tiffany is just as bad as Eric????

  29. Tiffany, your father is an egomaniacal narcissistic sociopath and a pathological liar and lifelong con man, who is dangerously incompetent and inept, and thus woefully unfit for the American Presidency.

  30. Nice glitter crochet shell and pant suit. A bit heavy on the squirrel makeup but interesting white highlights. Artful hair extensions but seriously didn't know that she bleaches her hair. Disconnect on the diversity of thought speech? But the beautifully modulated voice that delivered it is to be commended

  31. 🤮🤮🤮🤮. Her father gassed peaceful protesters. 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  32. VIVA…TRAUMP VIVA….👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  33. This was absolutely terrible. Next.

  34. Trump my President one more time

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