TikTok CEO to appear before Congress as lawmakers push to ban app

TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew is set to appear before Congress to defend his company amid data security concerns over the Chinese-owned social media app. NBC News’ Julie Tsirkin and Executive Director of the National Security Institute, Jamil Jaffer, break down why lawmakers are concerned about safety on TikTok and what to expect from Chew’s testimony. 

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  1. The US government are like that 1 kid that wants you to share but doesn't want to share with you. Lmao

  2. 👉Edward Snowden already exposed our illegal United States surveillance state. I trust TikTok and China more than my own corrupt deceptive US government. 💯💯

  3. All the Congressmen attacking Asian companies. They did this in the 80s and early 90s to the Japanese companies. The Japanese haven't recovered.

  4. Tim Tok can go.i don't use it. It's stupid. I don't get it anyways. Make a living on another platform or get a job.

  5. Time for theTic-Toc clock to stop, we are not wind-ups!

  6. what kind of stupid you are, you are already being hindered by the tick current, what's next

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  8. Thank god, we need to get rid of tiktok. Many kids' minds are being controlled by the right-wing pipeline on that app

  9. it’s about time . if your purple reasons with pros and cons . if I was the Chinese owner. I’ll shut it down since I mad billions of it . Higher my American Chinese friends 🇺🇸 rename it backwards . And put it back into a app . 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

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  11. common sense , all it takes is a little. People in power are not smart thinkers . Billions in profits, some have the money . No brains 🧠.

  12. You know something if people took 10 minutes to actually read what they're signing of on TikTok they'd be on the government side in 2 seconds TikTok basically knows where you are what you're doing you give TikTok full access to your telephone because if you don't give TikTok full access you can't function on TikTok

  13. These pro tiktok protests have to be astroturfed. Politicians that are humoring these protests need to be looked into.

  14. Banned tiktok. It’s doesn’t comply to USA law and taxes jurisdiction

  15. Leave it to NBC News to support Chinese lies.

  16. China is spying on the world. Ban tic tok

  17. F*** that stupid app and the ccp

  18. can't trust china or russia

  19. Biden and many democrat AND republican "leaders" have been bought and paid for by China. The odds of TikTok getting banned in the USA is slim to no frigging way.

  20. Ban it and make those users to get a real job

  21. Why not just have a US company host their data?

  22. Remember when Trump wanted to ban TikTok? The democrats acted like he was killing there mother.

  23. After that app is banned, work on banning those prc oil companies that are using western oil to fund election interference across multiple western countries. Including your Canadian allies.

  24. Don’t belittle our young people, they know what is national security. Most of them will support banning Tik Tok.

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