TikTok is ‘cocaine,’ ‘programmed to be weaponized,’ fmr. Trump official says

Former Under Secretary of State for Trump administration Keith Krach tells Meet the Press NOW why the U.S. should impose a “total ban” on TikTok.

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  1. These people are worried about one entity that may or may not be spying on mundane videos while our own government is snooping and eavesdropping on personal and private moments – this is the epitome of hypocrisy!

  2. Just One President for America it’s pr. Trump

  3. If all the BS and stupidity on tiktok can be "weaponized"….is that any worse than our news propaganda outlets???

  4. They need to explain in better detail but briefly why Americans should give it up.

  5. It is. Look how dumb the people are that use it. Pathetic people.

  6. Ban the app!, The CCP App

  7. So glad I quit all social media a year ago

  8. Ban the spy app fuc* china and i hope they read this.

  9. A MAGA nutter going balls deep on reefer madness rhetoric, what else is new?

  10. Ah yes all those 30-second life tips and comedy skits are just like cocaine. Exact same thing as YouTube Shorts, half the shorts on here are straight re-uploads from TikTok. Let's just admit it's not an issue of the app, but an issue of power

  11. I'm over senior citizens hating on tik tok for no good reason. They need to stfu and start serving fries and burgers or move back to England.

  12. Thank god i'm one of the only Gen Zs to NOT use tiktok. I can't STAND the cringe, the fatherless behavior and the STUPID challenges

  13. what social media was designed for & what it is used for now is 2 completely different things……ban it all, has done nothing but destroy society over the past 15 years on every level.

  14. Wonder if it would be that way If it was made by Americans 🤔 🤔

  15. It has to go. It's a weak app anyway

  16. Ignorant fear mongering about TikTok – and I don't even even use the app. Demonizing 💔😞

  17. But the TikTok content America sees is not allowed in China ware. TikTok is based
    That should tell you something.

  18. Its not cocaine. Its cancer.

  19. Geez I remember a time where they all laughed at Trump for wanting to ban the communist app.

  20. TikTok did more for my mental health than any health professional has ever done in my life…

    TikTok doesn’t gaslight me – and my algorithm is better than any social media site I’ve ever used

  21. Y’all are so scared of us organizing, and connecting with like-minded people 😂

  22. I've been saying something similar since it's arrival on the world market!

  23. how many more dumb apps do we need to invent in order for millennials to have their way I guess it's a millennials world not The We the people's world

  24. Great decision. This app should be banned. I spent 2 years addicted to Tiktok. Initially I thought it was really productive and I am learning so much in 60seconds videos. Truth is, I was just wasting time. Now I have finally deleted my account and the app.

  25. If it’s true what are we waiting for?

  26. It’s engineered to make people dumber and put importance on destructive things,habits and attitudes. The TikTok in China has no nudity or foulness whatsoever. It only shows students working hard and people working hard to achieve their goals/help build a better society. The Chinese weaponized the American version to fill our young generations’ heads with things that will destroy them over time

  27. goodbye arrivederci so long for your ratings & "likes" go figure owned by Chinese co & they also gaves the other virus how many more virus are we gonna take another dam vaccine.

  28. Hello ; ppl we have a new enemy in 2023 it's called the tick tock virus , shut it down for good please!!