TikTok’s Relationship With China Is ‘Unknown’: NBC News National Security Analyst

Six Republican governors have banned TikTok on state devices after FBI Director Chris Wray raised national security concerns. NBC News National Security Analyst Clint Watts explains TikTok’s relationship to China and what it means for U.S. national security.

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  1. NBC and CCP go hand in hand together.

  2. It's not unknown!! Communist China receives all US tik Tok data. ALL!!

  3. Can we only dedicate a moment to appreciate how many hours and passion she put in these videos!? 😃

  4. So I had tiktok downloaded on my phone, never used it once, turned off notifications, and checked my phone later and it said tiktok was using more of my phones battery than any other app. I Uninstalled immediately. That's sus

  5. While Twitter releases more information about Twitter and censorship NBC continues.

  6. It's compromised, a lot like hunter!

  7. NBC isn't much better than Tik Tok.
    They might be worse.

  8. wat. how is it unknown. TikTok IS China.

    wtf NBC.

  9. Govt free social media. Politics meddling only makes it worse

  10. It's definitely known chuck today u incompetent clown

  11. TikTok welcomes Dolly Parton.

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  13. NBC lot of coverage on tiktok but nothing on the twitter reveals that are coming out daily. What are you afraid of???

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  16. All those high schoolers and young adults addicted to laughs will not be laughing as adults when they realize China has lots of data on them. Face recognition, names, friends, preferences. You have no privacy in China. Dummy up.

  17. I uninstalled TikTok… it's too cray-cray for me.🤷🏾‍♀️

  18. GARAGE designed to DUMB you down. MIND CONTROL Wake up children

  19. pretty pathetic for any government official to have that garbage on their phone in the first place!

  20. US government be closed next Friday no fiscal budget 2023

  21. Saudi agreement with China Huawei can get access data to US military technology

  22. Ban tiktok and break up meta

  23. This NBC guy must be working on the Idaho college kids murders….because he is totally clueless.

  24. Unknown? What are you guys smoking?