Thursday , January 20 2022
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Tim Ryan, Tulsi Gabbard Spar On Afghanistan | NBC News

Rep. Tim Ryan and Rep. Tulsi Gabbard debate each other over policy on the war in Afghanistan.
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Tim Ryan, Tulsi Gabbard Spar On Afghanistan | NBC News


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  2. by tim ryan logic al qaeda leader osama was found in pakistan under the shelter of pak army…so his next target is pakistan…

  3. you democrats have to find the worst communist scum, and someone normal like Tulsi just doe not cut it. You are a party of scum

  4. Tim Ryan looks like a cross between Adam Sandler and a perspiring cheetos

  5. Tulsi Gabbard Al qaeda did not attack you on 9/11, it was the people you were sitting around having lunch with from the CFR that planned that, besides there were no planes, so there goes the idea of hijackers.


  7. I AM A CONSERVATIVE DEPLORABLE!!! and will vote for TRUMP!!! but if there was anyone that could lead the DemonRatic party, its none other than Tulsi Gabbard…but the DNC does not want Tulsi because she is NOT towing the party line.. She is NOT a War Monger like Warren, Biden, and Harris, she would actually do well by the DimoRuntic party, However Tulsi is a traditional DemonRunt as far as I can tell, and not the socialist Scum running for the POTUS!

    Since the DNC is so lost and disorganized, Tulsi would be the only one to truly give our man Trump a good run, but the DNC has given the Presidency to Trump by a land Slide simply by Black balling Tulsi Gabbard.
    What can you expect from a Vile and Feckless Political Party that Hates America and Americans.

  8. “The moderators” ? 😂😂😂😂😂

  9. She is batting 2 and 0, DNC want her to walk next time up

  10. The DNC is well aware of Tulsi's popularity with voters, and this is why they will cheat her out of the debates, I may never vote democrat again, if they continue their blatant disrespect for the people!

  11. Woo haaa.. I never feel tired watching this show… female>male!… get dafug out here. 🤙

  12. Too many gung ho eager warmongers out there should look into the idea of descalating the highly unstable and costly regime change war environments. A quote from Robert E. Lee "It is well that war is so terrible, otherwise we should grow too fond of it." We got to rid ourselves of the military industrial complex.

  13. As a veteran, all I can say with humility, is God bless her for speaking the truth. We didn't fight for liberty, instead we just secured another location for commercial interest, nothing more. Deal with it… 🙂

  14. Comments Are Not Disabled For This Video.

  15. Its 2020 and people still lying about planes hittin the building on 9/11

  16. How can you choose a king that never fought a real battle??
    Now you can choose a commander in chief that knows a bit about military, battle and War.
    No other options USA

  17. If by ‘spar’ you mean Ryan gets annihilated by Gabbard, the title is accurate.

  18. Tulsi Gabbard ( Hawaii )Very attractive and well spoken but let's separate wishful thinking from reality. Wishing the best to Medical Major US Veteran Tulsi, she speaks about ending all regime change wars if she became president.
    Now we all know how powerful the Arms Industry is on this country and if you have any basic understanding of how our capitalist economic system works then you would be aware of the reality of this nation's foreign policy to influence other friendly nations and keep their support in foreign conflicts. The reality is that this country will NEVER become like Switzerland ( Neutral ) or like Costa Rica ( NO Military ) So Mrs Tulsi's wishful thinking is absolutely not logical. Isolationism have its drastic consequences and Mrs Tulsi doesn't seem to be aware of them.
    First there is the well known fact that many other nations buy arms, planes, ships from the US and that is not going to go away so easily, specially if you as a president cannot control the US Senate. There is the other fact that many " regimes" or developing regimes like the 'Taliban', AL-Qaeda, ISIS, Venezuela, North Korea, even Russia are so dangerous to America's NATIONAL SECURITY and its allies national security, that it really sounds very NARROW MINDED and with all due respect bordering on ignorance to make an statement like that. So having said that, she appears to have the best of intentions but in reality her agenda is limited in her lack of knowledge on US Foreign Policy and its effects on US interests and its allies interests and least of all is not achievable in the big realm of things. Use your votes wisely America.
    On the issue of Medicare for all or Health care for all. That is a very popular and needed benefit for many seniors and for many low income earners. It is easy to advocate for this cause but in reality no one yet has been able to implement it efficiently enough , NOT even Obama with its very unpopular and inefficient 'Obama Care Health Plan'. The pharmaceutical and healthcare insurance industries will not loose money or disappear just because Rep. Tulsi or anyone else wants to change the entire industry, that is NOT realistic and it will never happen in this country.
    Some people in this country are so gullible and so easily mislead, deceived and lie to that is why most of them voted for Obama, and Hillary Clinton , it is unbelievable the level of ignorance about this issue. Presidential candidates know this and that's why they raise and talk about complex issues that most people don't have enough knowledge to compare and evaluate properly what they are advocating, so they basically vote on empty promises and this cycle repeats over and over again.

  19. The second she said "unacceptable"…..his face lol

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