Wednesday , May 5 2021
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Toensing talks impeachment inquiry, says basic due process is gone

Victoria Toensing and Joe diGenova of diGenova & Toensing LLP offer their legal expertise on political headlines, from the impeachment inquiry to DNC servers.

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  1. How do criminals act. They do things behind close doors and deny people god given rights. See the democrats.

  2. I’ve always believed the if the server was hacked it was the CIA. Not the “Russians”

  3. NY Police Department Had Wiener's Laptop.

  4. Schiff dont have any power, just put him in prison, its not that hard. Ill even come over there and demonstrate if u want.. He's playing with us, he thinks were stupid

  5. Where do we go to demand action againest the rogue members of this Congress?? Please pray blessings on the ring leaders/ which allows the Lords vengenance.

  6. I like Joe and Victoria.

  7. These two are FANTASTIC Victoria and Joe the real dynamic duo. Lou Dobbs is ASTOUNDING!!!

  8. In case you have forgotten or never knew this, Christopher Wray came from the same law firm as Sally Yates.

  9. I can't wait for the Barr investigation to wrap up…The dems will be running for the hills…

  10. How can this even be legal????

  11. This is what they have in store for the whole country acuse and your problem to prove you're innocent.!!!!!!!

  12. The White House is going need all your hard earned money to keep the U.S.S. Trump from sinking… donate now!

  13. Liars!you lying scheming conniving corrupted demon I spired thug dems! Trump 2020!!!!!

  14. That's proof that democrats are just liars & leakers nothing but a continuous cover up by the criminal democrats…They have done absolutely nothing but obstruct for 2 years …

  15. Trump asked a foreign government, actually 2, to help him find dirt on the leading candidate of the time for the opposing party.

  16. How is it Schiff thinks one Republican would support his destruction of the Constitution?

  17. The Dimocrats secret kangaroo court will handpick the information that they want to release to the public, to support their nonsensical impeachment agenda. The whole thing is unfounded smoke and mirrors.

  18. No one is above the law EXCEPT the Democratic Congress. They are corrupt and destroying our Constitution. They care nothing about The Rule of Law, our country or the American people. They are insane with their lust for power.

  19. I think that dye is leakin into your skull Lou

  20. You all look so sad, aren't you happy from all the winning?

  21. When lies have been told so long people can't believe the truth

  22. Due process is just a warm and fuzzy phrase, due process is what they tell you it is

  23. So when Adam gets his arm broken I don’t want to hear any crying

  24. The best is to come, the "New Book" of Fusion GPS, this gonna be just the best of the best!
    The corruption, the Obama-Clinton team, their mentor watching in the dark, Nazis Soros, is GITMO ready?

  25. President Trump said he would drain the swamp. He didn't say it would be easy and I am sure he knew he would get " slimed " in the process. Thank President Trump for trying to protect our country, constitution, and the US citizens. God bless you!

  26. The military needs to go in and do some HOUSE cleaning. It's time to end this Coup.

  27. We promised the Kurds we would protect them . We should be embarrassed.

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