Monday , January 18 2021
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Tom Fitton: Attorney General Barr should ‘pull back’ prosecution of Michael Flynn

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton tells FOX Business’ Lou Dobbs that Attorney General William Barr should ‘step up’ and ‘pull back’ the prosecution of former Trump administration national security adviser Michael Flynn. #FoxBusiness #LouDobbs

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  1. 😷😷😷😷😷. 🙌🛁

  2. All those dems need arrested now

  3. I have to say right now the republicans are looking as bad as the democrats, as the 2 branch's of Goverment, and 3 executive branch's try to stop treason prosicutions of major cabinet level and executives of Goverment agency's.

  4. It so true, the DoJ has become so corrupt with no guidance over FBI which is controlled by DoJ.
    This is criminal.
    It is tantimont to treason.

  5. I wonder if Comey wears woman's underwear like J. Edgar Hoover.

  6. Mr. Dobbs, I’m with you 100% on prosecuting Obama and all the rest of the corruption that is not being addressed. I can’t understand Barr, judicial watch, the FBI and whoever else is responsible dragging their feet. What is with this? Are they all so afraid of the deep state, where is there a back bone? Anyway, I am as infuriated as you areAnd glad to know you’re fighting for justice as I am. Keep up the good work.

  7. Appoint Matt Whitaker to lead special counsel.

  8. “…the FBI is a terribly sick agency in terms of corruption…” —Tom Fitton. Wow, it is the first time I hear a man whose words carries a lot of weight, referring to the FBI in that manner… contrary to everyone else. I’ve respected and admired the FBI when it has conducted with integrity at critical times in our history. That being said, it is not that easy to praise an agency of such power, when its leaders have behaved dishonorably, betraying the very people who has placed their trust and money in it. And that weasel, Peter Sztruk, needs to go to prison… together with Comey, Brennan, Rosenstein, Clapper, and Obama!

  9. Roberts has been corrupted years ago.

  10. DOJ needs to stop the clock on all of this BS from the left. There should be no statute of limitations on any crimes committed. Any and all amnestying issued by Obama’s admin should be voided. Freeze all of these clowns assets till they start talking. Every one of Obama’s former cabinet members and appointees that have profited off their stories need their profits seized.

  11. If You lift up a rock pretty sure you will find a politician. Just as sure no politician will go to jail for their corrupt behavior.

  12. Let me clarify this. It's as clear as an overcast arena!

  13. All these professionals, so little time! Let's get in order and respond to the root if the delayed accountability !! Don't sit on your hands when your ads needs to be in gear !!! Transmission is available! Sometimes the deciding factor depends on clutch release!

  14. Somebody Pull back, and let the "Real head" emerge !

  15. All the people in FBI and CIA and any other totally get replace and start over with fresh people

  16. Too much talk, not enough indictments.

  17. I hope President Trump restructures the FBI from top to bottom

  18. Why is Barr prosecuting our hero Flynn? Is he under duress from the FBI minions of Obama? This is disgusting to hear now when we all know know how Obama corrupted all the three letter agencies, FBI,NSA,CIA, etc,etc, all in collusion to get rid of our duly elected President that they cannot control. May God bless all of us if Pres. Trump gets out of office and these corrupt people gets back in control, WAKE UP AMERICA.

  19. Under our noses the corrupt hide and the heads of our justice system are part of the corruption and hid the corruption especially in the Democratic party…reasearch Allen Dulles being fired by President Kennedy and you'll realize it been going on even since the sixties

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