Tom Fitton questions whether Oversight Committee will be satisfied seeing Biden doc

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton discusses the FBI bringing the subpoenaed Biden document to Capitol Hill, reported audio of Trump keeping classified documents, and being questioned in grand jury trial in the Trump document case. #foxbusiness

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  1. Nice video as always but here is my problem I have been making losses trying to make profit trading. I thought trading demo account is just like trading the real market… can anyone help me out or at least advise me on what to do

  2. this is Joe's "BIG WATERGATE"

  3. If only we could Clone Tom a few houndred times to go after these " Liars and Theives " in the Bureaucracy ! Go Tom, all of America is behind you !

  4. Remember, Grassley said last week he had already seen the document ahead of Wray saying it did not exist.


  6. Tom fitton is a patriot but the democrats have covered all their bases to stop any of their coruption from coming out.hillary had a dozen fbi lawyers stop the judge that had hillary come to court. Forced to judge to stop the case.

  7. Well duh, wouldn't that depend on what's in the document?

  8. Republican congressional fascists 💥 John McCain rolling over in his grave today.. Not his party ever 💥

  9. "Compromised six ways to Sunday" by the comments of a whistleblower who the accusers can no longer locate yet audio confirmation of stolen classified docs by Trump is a "nothing" further fueling a "witch hunt"? I don't get how you lot show your faces in public! Surely you know in the end time will tell and the truth and facts become apparent. Which is when you'll realise or finally admit that this ongoing farcical rivalry is what led to the downfall of the US. But hey, so long as you get your ratings and your doners and maybe even some votes in the meantime it's all worth it huh. Cos that just translates into money in the pockets of the fools pedling this crap & that's all they really care about.

  10. as long as they took, wouldn't be the least bit surprised if the doc. was altered beyond recognition. I'm sure ppl have seen by now that Biden/Dems are pretty horribly dirty, they won't let a doc that forces them to take the literal SMALLEST amt of responsibility for something be shown to the public. unless they can blame it on Trump somehow.

  11. That's right. Sandy Burglar stole records from a classified document room and gave them to slick willie who presumably still has them. There was never any legal follow up against slick willy to get them back.

  12. Why didn’t they go hard after Clinton or Biden for having documents like they are going after Trump? Bcuz Clinton and Biden and the DOJ as well as the FBI, Many democratic politicians,Religious Leaders (Catholic priest) Judges, lawyers, Celebrities, Disney, Congress, ohhh the list is HUGE but they all have something in common, “PIZZA GATE”

    This is why they are fighting so hard to keep Trump out of office

    When Trump says he is going to “drain the swamp “ this is what he means.

  13. President Trump is known for putting information out there just to see what side of the fence you’re on.

  14. I wouldn't trust these Democrats at all. These documents may have been remade to fit themselves

  15. When is Washington going to start prosecuting these corrupt officials these investigations are taking too long the longer you wait the more this country gets destroyed. Again or is it Washington playing with the American people emotions get Donald Trump back in office it seems like you people don't know what you doing 🇺🇲

  16. China Joe and all his friends need to go to jail for all the wrong they have done to this country.

  17. Did Biden say “I am not a crook?”

  18. Vice President is not the same as president and second Trump was president and if some of the people were doing it on an acting president and a Vice President how did not have the authority to do anything.

  19. The commun ist dimwitocrats certainly do not want to mess with Tom Fitton

  20. Tom is my hero 🇺🇲🙏🇺🇸

  21. It's obviously true that Biden is a Corrupt Politician and dosen't have a plausible explanation

  22. Am I the only one who doesn’t care what Tom Fitton questions? ( whomever he is)

  23. Tom Fitton really only cares about getting paid too bad for Tucker & Faux News $$$$$$$$

  24. Nothing in there FBI destroyed it already.

  25. Trump won – will win again 2024 !🙏🇺🇸

  26. No evidence of bribery again. Just false claims

  27. When Obama is brought to justice for his treason, and for what he has done to this country, then there will be bitter sweet satisfaction.

    Until then, probably not. Joe is just a distraction away from Obama and his treasonous crimes.

  28. Respect to Tom Fitton !!

  29. John Bussey: > wsj> " Joe is looking for another head to head with Trump" 🤔… a faux news contributor just lost any and all credibility😂

  30. There is no oversight of the FBI ! All this criminal behavior would never happen with real oversight . When you only look at what Chris Wray wants you to see , That is a big problem .

  31. They will probably receive altered documents.

  32. The whistle-blower should be able to reveal the document and what the FIB redacted. Wray can never be trusted and will slow walk as long as possible to induce boredom and forgetfulness in the story.

  33. If the FBI isn't trying to cover up Biden's crimes, they sure are doing a good job of looking like they are.

  34. Satified when the whole truth and nothing but the truth… As to all circulars. I dont care what level.

  35. A cluck of rotten eggs

  36. Is America waking up? Remember quid Pro Quo Burisma Ukraine joe and what about biden's garage , clinton's, and barry's stockpile??

  37. All it will be are Black lines. Didn't they originally denied it existed?

  38. The documents aren't enough to satisfy the American people

  39. there is no way this corrupt administration will give them the real document .. cleaned up forgery at best … Democrats are so corrupt it is staggering f jb

  40. Grandpa Joe Biden garage gate four and one half Grand kid's