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Toning and Weight Loss Boot Camp – Total Body Workout Routine for Fast Results

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  1. Love from India…you both are doing an amazing job.

  2. I can tell you guys your older workouts are brutal! I could not finish the no of reps along with Kelly! Was lagging in most of them! And i hav been working out for ages with you!! This kicked my butt and how! Puddle of sweat and jelly that's me!😬 But thank you guys this motivates me to keep getting better..

  3. It’s 2020 and I just died doing this

  4. And what do you do if you have a busted knee that can't handle all this jumping around. And by the way if you are in your 20s and doing these all the time along with running, you will have busted knees by the time you are 35. Been there, done that.

  5. Brutal! The one I go to when I’m feeling like a beast!!! Love it!

  6. May 2019: I have done many FB excercises, HIIT, Abs, 5 day challenge. This one was really, really hard😵

  7. This was verd heavy… i am not a total beginner but i couldn’t catch up..

  8. Every circuit by the time those butt kicker hoppers came around I wanted to cry. But then I would survive the next two exercises and think I could do this. Rinse, repeat, till the end. Thanks so much for the clever and intense workout! 😀

  9. Some times I come back to this old vídeos. São amazing and hard

  10. Why are exercises without music?

  11. M love this workout.. Thnx fitness blender. And m gonna try it from tomorrow onwards

  12. How many calories on average do you suppose this workout burned? 300?

  13. there are some definite sleepers in this video. I'm in reasonably good shape but this kicked my ass for some reason. I loved it! 😀

  14. Now I've got my breath back… That was tough. I feel a bit disappointed as I could only manage 2 rounds, then again, it was probably one of your hardest workouts. Before I try this one next time I'm going to have to write my will out first… just in case. Workout over.

  15. Never been so happy reaching the end of a video!! This was the hardest video i did from fitness blender. I will surely do it again to reach a point where i won't have to pause that many times! Thank you @fitnessblender!

  16. This has got to be the hardest one I've tried here…that! Or my endurance is decreasing. I had to take breaks after every move😅😓

  17. this is kicking my butt😭😳😪😩😫😖

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